Why You Should Market to Pet Parents Using A Multi-Platform Approach

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Why You Should Market to Pet Parents Using A Multi-Platform Approach

Few things have had a more profound impact on consumer behavior as the Internet. In our always-connected world, information about any product or service is readily available. This has made consumers savvier and more discerning, able to use a variety of tools at their disposal to research brands and businesses before making purchases. As a result, it is said that only two percent of all visits to any retail site result in successful conversions.

To increase conversions (and turn them into sales) and attract the attention of repeat customers, businesses that specialize in pet-related products and services need to change with the times and look toward more modern marketing strategies.

This means going with a multi-platform approach that covers everything from promoting your brand at special events to using social media to build trust with pet parents. In this article, we’ll detail what a multi-platform approach is and why adopting it can be the best decision you can make for your brand or business.

What Is Multi-Platform Marketing?

Multi-platform or multi-channel marketing is the practice of using multiple channels to reach customers. Brands create several touchpoints between itself and its consumers while optimizing engagement along the way. Informally, this means meeting a specific audience such as pet parents on various fronts, both offline and online, instead of using only one channel.

Generally speaking, offline platforms include retail storefronts, mail order catalogs and television and radio advertisements. Meanwhile, online channels typically include social media, email marketing and online advertising.

What Are the Benefits Of Adopting A Multi-Platform Marketing Approach?

It Increases Brand Visibility
Traditional marketing strategies that focus on only one channel to reach audiences aren’t as effective as they used to be. Pet-related brands do themselves a disservice when they put all their advertising eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Think of it this way: Pet parents come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups. That means millennials and Gen Z-ers aren’t the only ones weighing in. Studies show there is a rising trend in Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers who own smartphones and are active on social media. Across most generations, more people use their mobile devices to obtain valuable information, stay connected to their loved ones, browse for products and make purchases.

Investing in traditional and digital advertising is key.

Running print and broadcast ads as well as online marketing materials ensures maximum visibility of your product or service to the people who would be most interested in them.

It Helps Build Customer Trust
As a brand, building trust with a customer can be tricky, especially if yours isn’t as well-established as others in its category. One of the major challenges often faced by small businesses operating entirely in the digital space is how to humanize their brands for consumers who can only view their offerings through their screens.

With a multi-platform marketing approach, you can give pet lovers a chance to get to know you and your brand. It can start by making them aware of your business and showing them how you might be able to fulfill their needs. Creating valuable, engaging and informative content helps establish your business as an expert in the field, which can further increase your trustworthiness. You can also leverage user reviews to entice a potential customer into buying your product or availing of a service that you provide.

It Can Make Your Business More Competitive
For every major player in the pet products and services industry, there are hundreds—maybe thousands—of smaller brands. In the past, these independent outfits may not have had the means or resources to market their offerings effectively.

The Internet has changed all that. These days, you don’t need to have a large budget to operate on the same playing field as more well-recognized brands. Indeed, many small businesses can attract loyal followings and grow their operations using only social media. Using a combination of online and offline marketing creates a system where both strategies complement each other, and you don’t have to be an established company to do it.

A multi-platform marketing approach is a great way to reach more customers with greater impact, all while being self-sustaining and cost-effective. Consider trying this strategy for your brand today.