The Limited-Slip Dog Collar

These collars are the perfect alternative to a choke collar to reduce the risk of your dog backing out and escaping

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The Limited-Slip Dog Collar
The Limited-Slip Dog Collar
The Limited-Slip Dog Collar
The Limited-Slip Dog Collar
The Limited-Slip Dog Collar

- The martingale loop prevents the “escape artist” dog from backing out of the collar and escaping
- A limited-slip dog training collar
- A comfortable, stylish alternative to a “choke” collar
- Your customers will appreciate your attention to dog safety


50 / 100 / 500 / 1000 Units per size

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Opening order: $50. Exact repeat setup: $35

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The martingale collar is a type of dog collar that was developed for sighthounds and other dog breeds with heads narrower than their necks. Many pet parents use them, though, as a friendlier and more humane option over regular flat dog collars. This is because the latter kind has been found to potentially choke fur babies, especially if they’re excitable and energetic. That said, PrideBites’ no-slip collars prevent furry companions from escaping without hurting them in the process. Find out why they’re such a hit among pet lovers below: For years, dog collars that make use of the martingale loop have been a necessary accessory to those who keep sighthounds and other slim-headed dogs. Indeed, they’re quite effective at preventing dogs from backing out and escaping from their collars. This is because these collars sit snugly around the neck, only tightening when they’ve been pulled on. This same feature has made them recently popular among pet parents in search of a more comfortable and humane option for their fur babies. Hence, your business could do well by selling or giving away branded versions of these martingale collars, and we can help you design and produce them. PrideBites’ Limited-Slip Dog Collars safely keep pets on the leash without choking them, making these products an excellent alternative to the traditional choke collar. They’re made with sturdy nylon and are outfitted with metal buckle accents that give them a sleek and stylish look. The attached metal D-ring makes it easy to attach any standard clip-on leash, making it quick and easy for owners to prepare for a walk. With all this in mind, these martingale collars are the perfect addition to your existing product line and also make for great gifts and giveaways. Find out how to customize them for your business by sending us an inquiry today.

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