Doggone Dry

Avoid that wet dog smell and make bath time less of a chore. Made from high-quality, machine washable, microfiber material, this towel is just the right weight and thickness.

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Doggone Dry
Doggone Dry
Doggone Dry
Doggone Dry
Doggone Dry

- Machine washable
- Absorbant microfiber material
- Fast drying

One Size

25 / 50 Units per size

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

Opening order: $50. Exact repeat setup: $35

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Bath time can be a struggle for many pets and their parents. This is because most pups don’t take too kindly to sitting still while being doused in soap and water. Fortunately, it’s possible to soothe furry friends by drying them off with a soft, warm towel afterward. Learn more about why pet parents will love our line of fast-drying towels below: There are several reasons why the mere mention of a bath can send any furry friend running. For one thing, most pups dislike being restrained and having their control taken away from them. It’s also possible that they had an uncomfortable bathing experience in the past, causing them a lot of fear and anxiety. To make matters worse, even the sound of running water can scare them away. Fortunately, many dogs love at least one step of the bathing process: toweling off. That being said, there are other ways that pet parents can make bath time a more positive experience for their dogs. For instance, using warm water is less likely to make them panic. Placing an anti-skid mat at the bottom of the tub or basin will also help pets find their footing, bringing back their sense of control. Additionally, it’s best to use a pet shower or sprayer, as these can deliver a gentler stream of water. After each bath, pet parents can pamper their dogs by drying them off with a soft PrideBites bath towel. They’re made with highly absorbent microfiber material and are machine-washable. Indeed, parents will love how quickly they dry and how easy they are to clean. So if you’re interested in offering your own line of branded dog towels, contact us now!

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