Doggone Dry: Customizable Dog Towels
Doggone Dry: Customizable Dog Towels
Doggone Dry: Customizable Dog Towels
Doggone Dry: Customizable Dog Towels

Doggone Dry: Customizable Dog Towels

Avoid that wet dog smell and make bath time less of a chore. Made from high-quality, machine washable, microfiber material, this towel is just the right weight and thickness.
- Machine washable
- Absorbant microfiber material
- Fast drying
Width: 35"
Length: 23"
25 / 50 Units per size
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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Customizable Dog Towels


The pet industry caters to a sizeable market of animal lovers, specifically to a lot of dog owners. Approximately 85 million households or 65 percent of homes in the U.S. have pets, as per the American Pet Products Association’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey. Out of this large statistic, around 63 million households take care of dogs. For this reason, it’s not surprising why many businesses have taken to selling products such as pet treats, toys, apparel, and even flashy accessories for man's best friend.


Since many pet parents treat their dogs like family, they make it a priority to provide them with quality pet supplies and accessories. Besides fancy dog food, treats, and clothes, pet parents are also exacting when it comes to buying more practical items, such as dog towels. Though dog towels are typically seen as a basic pet hygiene item, this product can also be a fantastic merchandising opportunity for all sorts of businesses. The same goes for brands that don’t necessarily operate in the pet industry.

Read on to find out more about customizable dog towels and why you should include them in your roster of promotional products.


What Is a Customizable Dog Towel?


Dog towels are a basic essential item for dog grooming. It’s used to dry pets off after they take a bath, after they’ve gone for a swim at a beach or lake, or in case they get wet because of exposure to rain or snow. Should a pup happen to walk around on some damp ground outside, a pet parent can wipe off their fur baby’s feet using a dog towel. This helps said pet parent keep their home’s floors and furniture clean.


A good dog towel is soft, durable, and made with a highly absorbent material such as microfiber cloth. This type of towel can absorb a lot of moisture, which helps your customers dry off their furry friends more quickly after each bath. These towels can also be wrapped around shivering pups to provide them with some warmth.


Why Do Pet Parents Get Dog Towels?


Apart from their basic functions noted above, here are several more reasons why pet parents may choose to purchase special dog towels for their furry friends:


It Makes Bath Time More Soothing for Dogs


Though some dogs are well-behaved during their bath times, bathing and grooming routines are usually a struggle for many pet owners. That’s because most pups don’t like being told to stay still while they’re being washed with shampoo and water. Dogs also don’t take kindly to being restrained, as this essentially makes them feel that their owners are taking away their agency to move around freely.


Fortunately, many dogs calm down while being toweled off, as the softness of a towel feels soothing for them. The towel’s fabric can also absorb all of the excess moisture from their fur, helping them feel warm and cozy after a laborious bathing session. Some dogs may even start treating their towel like a comfort object. They may, for example, play with their towel or bring it with them when they’re ready to sleep.


Microfiber Towels Help Dry Dogs Off Faster


Unbeknownst to many pet parents, regular cotton towels are not as absorbent as dog towels made with microfiber material. In fact, microfiber cloth is so ultra-absorbent that it can take up to seven times its own mass in water. Thus, it’s best to use a microfiber towel to dry off pups quickly so that they won’t have to shiver from the cold for too long. Drying off a dog faster will also keep them from dripping water all over a pet parent’s floor, carpet, or furniture right after bath time.


What Are the Advantages of Selling Branded Dog Towels in Your Store?


When you’re running a business, it’s important to seize unique selling opportunities, especially the ones that may be too easy to overlook. At first glance, dog towels may not seem like much when compared to the plethora of fashionable dog accessories and apparel out on the market. After all, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that some pet parents would be more interested in buying fancy toys and pet items to spoil their fur babies with.


While there’s certainly a market for premium-quality pet products, don’t forget that most owners prioritize practical dog items over luxury ones. Though pet accessories and clothing make dogs look cute and presentable, pet parents will always need a towel or two to dry their furry friends off after every bath. And because dog towels are a basic hygiene item, customers with fur babies are likely to look for them regularly. Following this logic, it makes sense to use dog towels as a medium to reach out to and attract the attention of dog parents.


Furthermore, a quick online search will reveal that there is a real demand in the market for soft, high-quality dog towels that are absorbent and fast-drying. Customers may also buy more than one dog towel so that they always have a few of them in rotation. As such, retailers can stand to earn a significant profit by offering this pet product in their brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Additionally, some pet owners take care of multiple dogs. You can just imagine what bath time looks like for people in this type of household. For these customers, it’s a great idea to invest in lots of durable, highly absorbent dog towels to pat their furry pets dry—which means more sales for your business.


What Are the Best Materials to Use for Producing Dog Towels?


By now, you know the importance of using high-quality materials when creating your own line of dog towels. That said, here are essential characteristics you should look for when choosing the perfect fabric:

Made of Ultra-absorbent Microfiber Cloth


This material can not only absorb a lot of moisture, but it’s also effective at collecting loose pet hair, dirt, and grime. This makes microfiber the ideal fabric for drying off dogs, cleaning up a pup’s soiled fur, and keeping dog hair from getting scattered all over a customer’s home.




Because they absorb a lot of moisture so quickly, microfiber dog towels are great for drying pups off in as little time as possible. This material also typically dries faster than regular cotton towels, which means your customers won’t need to wait as long to use them on their pups again.




Microfiber is a durable synthetic material that can withstand regular use for many years. To be more specific, microfiber is made of polyester and polyamide, resulting in a strong yet soft and ultra-absorbent cloth.




Microfiber dog towels can be easily cleaned using washing machines, which makes them less of a hassle for pet parents to take care of.


What Are Some Production Tips to Keep in Mind When Creating Customizable Dog Towels?


Use Pet-safe Materials


Apart from purchasing soft dog towels that do not easily get tattered or torn, pet parent customers look for dog products made of pet-safe materials. This is because pet owners deeply care for their fur babies’ health and well-being. In the same way that they inspect toys for safety reasons, dog owners want to make sure they’re using a towel that will not harm their pets.


Because of all these reasons, many pet parents specifically choose towels that are made with non-toxic dyes and fibers. That’s why it’s important to source your dog towels from a reliable provider that only uses safe and non-hazardous materials for their products.


Include Care Instructions


As with traditional cotton towels, there is a right and wrong way to clean and care for microfiber cloth towels. To help your customers ensure that their towels last for longer, make sure to include care instructions in the product packaging or tag. In particular, include a reminder to not machine wash these products at high temperatures or use fabric conditioner on them, as doing so can ruin the quality of the fabric.


Create Unique and Attractive Towel Designs


Besides the material, it’s equally important to come up with attractive towel designs that represent your brand. In fact, you can create towels that come in a variety of sizes, patterns, colors, and artworks to cater to a wider customer base. If you’re having trouble with this aspect of production, PrideBites can work closely with you to create impressive dog towel designs that are unique to your company.


Overall, customizable dog towels will always be bathing and grooming essentials for pet parents, and the demand for them won’t be going down anytime soon. As such, your business would greatly benefit from using these practical and attractive pet products as branded merchandise or promotional items, especially if you work with the team at PrideBites.


We can come up with visually appealing designs based on your brand’s color palette and logo. Additionally, we will work with you to create a high-quality towel that meets your standards and positively represents your brand.


To order these and other wholesale customized pet products for your business, contact us at PrideBites today. As soon as we can finalize the details of what you need, we can complete your order in only four to six weeks.

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