Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes
Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes
Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes

Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes

Hands-free leashes are safer than traditional leashes. Whether you're walking, running, hiking or enjoying time at your favorite pet-friendly venue, a hands-free leash is safe, convenient and ergonomic.
- Great for any outdoor activity
- A hands-free leash won't cramp your style
- With a hands-free leash you won't tug your dog when swinging your arms
- A hands-free leash alleviates strain on arms and neck
- Ideal for the active pet parent
Length: 6'
Width: 1"
Thickness: 0.1"
50 / 100 / 500 / 1000 Units per size
*If only ordering one size, the MOQ is 100 units.
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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Running Leashes

Every responsible pet owner knows that the humble leash is no mere accessory—it’s a must-have item. In addition to offering a direct line of communication between the pet parent and their fur baby, it is also used to manage and control the pet when spending time outdoors. Leashes are also useful to have around when the pet needs to be hitched or tied to something stationary for their own safety.

This unassuming pet product has taken many forms throughout the years, for as long as humans have domesticated the animals that they are meant for. Now that concepts and attitudes towards pet ownership, care, and training are taking a more humane direction, though, people are becoming more conscientious when choosing a leash to use with their pet. Lengths of rope, metal chains, or old leather belts simply aren’t good enough anymore. Pet parents are also on the lookout for leashes that offer more than just the most basic of functions.

The running leash is a recent innovation to the basic dog leash that has been developed as a response to the needs of certain pets and their parents. Find out what makes them an excellent addition to your existing line of products below:

What Is a Running Leash?

Pet parents are becoming more and more active-minded, and many of them love to spend time outdoors with their pets. The running leash was developed specifically for pet owners who enjoy going for a run with their pets. In particular, they’re intended for pet owners looking for a practical hands-free solution that can keep their pups tethered to them while they’re out for a jog.

Why Do Some Pet Parents Prefer Using a Hands-free or Running Leash?

Using a hands-free or running leash can be very beneficial for both the active pet parent and their outdoors-loving fur baby. For one, hands-free or running leashes allow the pet parent to run normally with an unaltered gait. Holding anything in one’s hands while running can result in an unnatural posture, which, when left unattended, can become a permanent condition and result in various injuries.

Additionally, running leashes attach around the pet parent’s waist, thus eliminating the risk of contracting a shoulder or back injury should the pet pull on the leash without warning. Using a running leash also prevents the pet owner from constantly tugging on their pet’s collar whenever their arms naturally swing back and forth while running. The persistent pull and release can be annoying or confusing to dogs, especially ones who have been trained in loose leash walking.

Lastly, hands-free or running leashes are a better choice for pet parents who enjoy running on rugged terrain, as it gives them better balance while navigating trails.

Why Do Your Customers Need to Keep Their Pets Leashed?

Though many pet owners prefer leaving their fur babies off-leash as much as possible, leashes are still considered an essential outdoor accessory for pets for various reasons, many of them pertaining to public safety.

In fact, most cities in the United States have leash laws that require pet owners to keep their dogs leashed when they are outdoors in publicly shared spaces. Keeping the pet leashed prevents them from urinating or defecating where they shouldn’t. When on a leash, the pet can also be kept from causing damage to both public and private property.

In addition, making sure that pets are leashed and constantly supervised prevents them from causing harm to themselves and others. When restrained, they won’t be able to run straight into traffic and cause or get caught in an accident. They’ll also be prevented from injuring and being injured by other animals, whether wild or domesticated.

Should a pet run off and get lost, the fact that it is wearing a leash can signify that the dog has an owner. It will be much easier to bring a fur baby back to their pet parent when the pet is found with something that can immediately identify them.

For pet parents with fussy pups, leashes can also be used to reinforce certain behaviors and correct issues, such as:

  • Non-compliance to commands. Pets may be more responsive to simple directives like “sit,” “come,” or “heel” when they’re wearing a leash. They can also be conditioned to associate leashes with the reward of a nice walk outside.
  • Excess noise. Dogs that are barking too much can be enticed to quiet down when they see a leash in their pet parent’s hand.
  • During bathing or grooming. Some pets are more amenable to staying still when leashed, making it easier to bathe them, brush their fur, or clip their nails.

Finally, leashing a dog can keep them safe from diseases that they may contract from the environment, including:

  • Parvo or the canine parvovirus. This virus usually enters a dog’s body through the mouth should they accidentally ingest the stool of an animal infected with it. This illness targets the dog’s gastrointestinal tract and can be especially dangerous to younger dogs.
  • Footpad disease, otherwise known as canine distemper. This affects both wild and domesticated animals. It is caused by a paramyxovirus that is spread via airborne exposure. However, pets may also catch it through direct contact with or by sharing food, water bowls, and equipment with an infected animal. A mother dog may also pass canine distemper down to her puppies through the placenta. It affects the gastrointestinal, nervous, and respiratory systems of dogs and can be fatal if untreated.

Before Buying a Running Leash, What Key Factors Should Your Customers Consider?

There are countless available options out there when it comes to hands-free or running leashes. These are the things that your customers should take into consideration when choosing one:

Strong, Durable Materials

The entire point of having a leash is to keep the pet tethered to their owner. Therefore, it needs to be made with strong and durable materials that won’t easily snap if the pet tends to gnaw on things, pull on the leash, or dart off suddenly.

Nylon is by far one of the most popular materials used for dog leashes. Being relatively inexpensive, they make for reasonably-priced options for pet parents on a budget. They are also pet-safe and are highly resistant to snapping or breaking. Nylon leashes also tend to keep their shape better than leashes made with other materials. The running leashes offered by PrideBites are made with high-strength nylon. Its stitching has been reinforced to prevent fraying and offer even more strength and durability.

Leather leashes have the advantage of being extremely durable. They’re also very stylish, and some treated leather leashes will look better with age. However, they can be more expensive than nylon dog leashes and don’t offer much give. When running, leather leashes may not be the best choice.

Pet parents with dogs who are already used to running leashes may want an option that offers their pet more freedom and flexibility. With that in mind, leashes made with elastic materials may be the best choice, as they allow pets to roam while only being slightly restricted. Bungee leashes, in particular, are a great option, as they automatically spring back when pulled too far. The most important thing for pet parents to remember when buying a bungee leash is to go for a high-quality product that won’t lose its elasticity quickly.

Length and Width

The length and width of a leash should be proportional to the size and weight of the dog. Pet parents who are just starting to train their fur babies on running leashes may want to keep them closer with a standard 4- or 6-foot leash. As they become more accustomed to it, owners may graduate to longer leashes that are 8- or 12 feet long. PrideBites’ running leash comes in the length that is most comfortable for use, which is 6 feet.

The width of the leash, on the other hand, should be comfortable to hold while being appropriate to the strength of the dog it is to be used on. PrideBites’ running leash comes in the standard 1-inch wide variant.


Using a running leash can be uncomfortable if worn by the pet parent for the first time or an extended period. That’s why they should take the time to choose a hands-free leash that is comfortable to wear. Ideally, the waist attachment should not ride up or chafe while the person is out running. It should be easy to adjust and not difficult to put on or remove. Pet parents may also want to look for running leashes equipped with additional padding around the waist attachment to soften the pull.

PrideBites’ running leashes are equipped with a sturdy snap-on plastic clip that makes the waist attachment easy to put on and remove.

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