Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes

Hands-free leashes are safer than traditional leashes. Whether you're walking, running, hiking or enjoying time at your favorite pet-friendly venue, a hands-free leash is safe, convenient and ergonomic.

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Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes
Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes
Born To Run: Customizable Dog Running Leashes

- Great for any outdoor activity
- A hands-free leash won't cramp your style
- With a hands-free leash you won't tug your dog when swinging your arms
- A hands-free leash alleviates strain on arms and neck
- Ideal for the active pet parent

One Size

50 / 100 / 500 / 1000 Units per size
*If only ordering one size, the MOQ is 100 units.

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

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Over the years, many dog accessories have been reinvented to make them better for pets and their owners. Take the humble dog leash, for example. Normal dog leashes can often cause aches and pains for pet owners, particularly in the neck and arm area. And dogs don’t enjoy the constant tugging and restrictions, either. Fortunately, there’s a product that solves all these problems: the running leash. Though a seemingly simple innovation at first glance, it provides pet parents with a hands-free way to take their dogs for a walk, all without the perpetual tug-of-war. Keep reading to find out why your customers will love these products. Going for a walk with your four-legged friend is a great way to bond with them, get some fresh air, and exercise. Unfortunately, there are times when it can become a strenuous affair for both you and your dog. After all, it can get tiring having to hold on to a leash for so long. And because it's not exactly the most ergonomic of dog accessories, pet parents often experience arm and neck pain during and after each walk. Fortunately, a running dog leash can change all that for the better. Unlike a regular dog leash, this product is worn around the waist, keeping your arms free. And because this means you won’t be tugging on the leash every time you swing your arms, it makes for a safer and more comfortable experience for your fur baby. These are just a few reasons why our running leash is the perfect dog accessory for canine parents who love to hike, camp, and jog with their dogs in tow. If you're looking for a reliable manufacturer of pet accessories, look no further than PrideBites. We make it easier to expand your existing product catalog with customized dog accessories. Just contact us using the form below to find out more about how we can make your branded pet products a reality!

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