The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars

The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars

Our cat collar is the purrfect accessory for your kitten loving customer who wants to rock your business or design!
- Safe Break Away Buckle
- Comes with a bell
- Adjustable fit
- Soft and strong design
- Fits cats with necks 8” to 12”
Length: 8-12"
Width: 3/8"
Thickness: 0.1"
50 / 100 / 300 / 500 / 1000 Units per size
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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Customizable Cat Collars

When you think of pets that need to wear collars, the first animals that usually come to mind are dogs. But it isn’t just dogs that benefit from having collars. Collars are also exceptionally useful for cats, even those that stay indoors most of the time. A cat that has its own collar, as well as other trappings like an ID tag and bell, is more noticeable to its owner and the general public. In many situations, this added visibility could save the cat’s life and, in turn, save its doting owner some grief about its whereabouts.

Many cat owners are also the creative sort, and they love bringing out the unique aspects of their feline’s personality. That’s why it’s no surprise that specialty pet apparel, such as customizable collars, are in such high demand. If cat owners have choices other than the usual generic, unlabeled, and unprinted collars from the pet store, they’re likely to make good on a unique purchase for their cat. With all that in mind, your brand may want to consider entering the pet products market and getting the attention of cat owners through your own line of customizable cat collars.

It’s not a stretch if your brand attributes resonate with cat owners. In fact, if you’re thinking about releasing your company’s own line of cat collars, these pet parents and their fur babies could serve as effective ambassadors of your brand. Take your marketing to the next level by selling customizable cat collars whose designs are far from generic. It may be one of your most rewarding promotional decisions yet!

Why Would Your Customers Buy Customizable Collars for Their Cats?

To begin, there are several reasons why customizable collars will appeal to your brand’s customers. Cat parents will be happy about the option to get customizable collars from you for the following reasons:

It Will Reflect Their Feline’s Unique Personality

The less generic a collar is, the higher its appeal to the pet owner. Customizable collars give them the opportunity to showcase their cat’s personality through design elements such as distinctive colors or prints.

It Will Help Make Their Cat More Noticeable and More Visible

A customizable collar is also a better investment for the cat’s general visibility. If your customer’s cat wears a unique collar with its own bell and tag, it will be easier to identify them on the off chance that the cat gets lost. A custom collar also signals that the cat has an owner waiting for them at home. This will prevent someone from assuming that they are a stray and, as a consequence, taking them to a rescue facility.

If They Love Your Brand, They’d Be Willing to Make Their Pets Your Newest Brand Ambassadors

Due to their sense of humor, creativity, love for animals, and love for the good life, cat owners are a great market segment to align with. If something about your brand resonates with cat owners’ lifestyles, you can harness a valuable connection with them. They may even become willing brand ambassadors and feel quite happy about giving your brand airtime when dressing up their cats.   

Why Sell Your Own Line of Customizable Cat Collars?

There are also some pretty distinct advantages for your company should you choose to enter the pet products market via customizable cat collars. Here are some examples:

You Can Tap a Pretty Big Niche of Cat Owners in the United States

According to statistics from the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are almost 60 million cats in the US that are kept as pets. That means that a pretty large chunk of your market may comprise cat owners. Once you find a way to authentically connect with this niche, your company will be rewarded for it.

Cat Owners Are Willing to Invest More in Customized Products

Another thing to remember is that the appeal of personalized products may extend to cats. Human customers love adding a personal touch to their belongings and are willing to spend more on customized items. Cat owners may think the same way about their fur babies, and thus may also be willing to spend on high-quality collars with customizable options.

It’s a Creative New Way to Shape Experiences with Your Brand

If your creative well is running dry and you’re looking for innovative ways to engage a particular sector of the market, try the pet products market. Using new strategies like humor and down-to-earth, friendly design in your collars can help you pave the way for interesting new experiences of your brand from the point of view of animal lovers.

Will Customizable Cat Collars Help Promote Your Brand?

Indeed, customizable cat collars may prove a boon for your brand in the following ways:

You’ll Be in a Good Position as an Early Adopter of Pet Products

Your competitors may have already exhausted the most common promotional opportunities, such as advertising with T-shirts, caps, or bags. Who else among them has tried pet products? If you’re the first in your industry to try this, you could be at a big advantage over your peers.

They Can Inspire Brand Loyalty within a Lucrative Market

Many cat owners are pretty loyal to the brands that they see as a big part of their pet’s life, such as their cat’s food brands or their cat’s apparel brands. If your company can become part of the fabric of their pet’s life, there’s a chance that they’ll patronize not only your pet products, but also the other products in your catalog.

They’ll Make Your Brand Visible in a Number of Places

You’ll be surprised how many times your brand will be seen if it’s on a customizable cat collar. For example, it’ll be visible to your customers’ guests at house parties. And when your customers go to the vet with their fur babies, your brand name will also be visible to other cat owners who are waiting in line. Cats themselves make the most adorable brand ambassadors, too! Someone could learn about your brand just by noticing how cute the feline model is.

What Goes Into the Perfect Customizable Cat Collar?

If you’re thinking about releasing your own line of customizable cat collars, remember that you have to take their production very seriously. Cat owners want only the best for their pets, and you should never compromise on the quality of your materials or the integrity of your design.

Here are some elements that go into the perfect customizable cat collar for your customers:

Good Base Materials

First off, your collars should be made of sturdy and adaptable base materials. Materials like nylon are already proven to be good for pet products like collars.

Quality Stitching

You will also need to make sure that every cat collar you produce features strong, durable stitching. This will ensure the longest possible service life for its feline wearer.

Durable Buckles

Another feature that you should have on your cat collars is a secure buckle system that only the owner can unlock. At the same time, you should ensure that that buckle doesn’t make the cat uncomfortable.

Proper D-rings

The last element on your customizable cat collars is their D-rings. It should be easy for your customer to attach an ID tag, bell, or even a leash if their cat likes using one.

Tips on Launching Your Own Line of Customizable Cat Collars

Here are some further tips for your brand to maximize its new line of customizable cat collars.

Give Your Brand the Spotlight

Use the cat collars to communicate your brand attributes, like your family-friendliness or your accessibility. If your customers can make an intuitive connection between your brand and their lifestyles as cat owners, that’s a big step in the right direction for you.

Delineate Your Products

Find ways to make each customized cat collar product distinct in its own way and not simply more of the same. Sell in a variety of sizes, colors, and prints. Make sure your customers know to get the right size and type of collar for their cats, as cats can grow and shrink in size very quickly due to factors like age.

Take Your Product Design, Development, and Testing Very Seriously

Research the best collar designs (such as quick release or snap design collars) that will be most comfortable for your customers’ cats. Don’t release a product that hasn’t been adequately tested for durability, adjustability, and comfort.

Market Aggressively

Find new customers to introduce your pet products to. You can try promoting at events like pet expos or trade fairs. For customers who have already bought cat collars from you, invite them to take part in any marketing campaigns you may be holding on social media. Ask them if they’re willing to have their cat featured on your page; some owners may be tickled about seeing their cat go viral thanks to your brand!

Let PrideBites Help You Promote Your Brand Through Our Customizable Pet Apparel

At PrideBites, we’ll be happy to help your company kickstart its foray into promotional pet products. We are an award-winning company for pet toys and pet apparel, and we take the art of marketing through pet products very seriously.

For a wholesale provider of custom pet products that will truly elevate your brand’s value, look no further than PrideBites. Contact us now for some expert advice on releasing your own line of customizable cat collars!

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