The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars

Our cat collar is the purrfect accessory for your kitten loving customer who wants to rock your business or design!

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The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars
The Purrfect Accessory: Customizable Cat Collars

- Safe Break Away Buckle
- Comes with a bell
- Adjustable fit
- Soft and strong design
- Fits cats with necks 8” to 12”

One Size

50 / 100 / 300 / 500 / 1000 Units per size

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

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Cats love to explore their surroundings. But though they’re traditionally roamers, they’re still prone to losing their way. Putting a collar and a leash on a cat is a solid step in keeping them safe and within arm’s reach while they’re out and about. Add Pride Bites’ cat collars to your pet merchandise line and make life a bit more fun for the fur parents that bring business to your company. There are many reasons why pet parents will want to get collars for their cats. For one thing, cat collars will make it easier for owners to keep their fur babies on their leashes. Additionally, these collars can also help in identifying cats in case they get lost. Flea collars can also be used to protect cats against parasites. However, cat collars must be made of quality materials and fitted properly to ensure that they’re snug and comfortable. Otherwise, these collars may become a source of injury. At Pride Bites, we make sure that our products are safe for pets to use. Hence, our adjustable cat collars feature a safe breakaway buckle. The adjustable fitment should make the collar less likely to get snagged. And in case it does catch onto something, the buckle can open and free the feline without causing any injuries. Our cat collars are also fitted with a bell to warn birds and other critters that there’s a mighty hunter in their midst. Are you thinking of adding cat collars to your list of pet products? Get in touch with our team today so that we can come up with a design that suits your brand and marketing campaign. Pride Bites offers a free virtual proof upon order at the request of the client, and we can get your products ready in four to six weeks. Fill out our contact form so that we can get started ASAP.

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