Not Pet-Friendly, Yet? Start Here

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Not Pet-Friendly, Yet? Start Here

The goal: Make your workplace pet friendly
The challenge: It doesn’t always happen overnight 

Going from 0 to 100 isn’t always practical, nor easy. If you’re workplace isn’t pet-friendly yet, start with these tips to gradually make your workplace more pet-friendly and attract more pet owners who are seeking employment. 

  1. Pawternity leave - offer paid time off for your employees to take their pets to the vet. Click here to read more! 

  2. Discounted pet insurance - attract pet-owning employees with this perk for not only them, but for their pet too. 

  3. Pet-friendly office events - host a “yappy hour” at a dog park or pet-friendly brewery. 

  4. Animal focused work - partner with an animal focused charity or organization to help boost your brand to pet owning customers while also giving back to their community. 

Pet-friendly perks have many benefits. You will attract more employees by ensuring them that their pets will get company benefits. You are showing support for the animal community, while also attracting pet-owning customers to your company. And, when you’re ready to make your workplace truly pet friendly, make sure you engage your loyal, four legged supporters with some co-branded PrideBites dog beds and water bowls. Your pups will absolutely love them!

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