What Toys Should You Give a High Energy Pup?

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What Toys Should You Give a High Energy Pup?

Every dog is unique, especially when it comes to how much energy they've got to burn. Some dogs seem to have an endless supply of zip, zooming around from dawn till dusk, while others are more laid-back and are completely happy with a short stroll around the block.

For high-energy breeds and young, bouncy puppies, a quick walk just isn't enough most of the time. They often need a mix of physical and mental challenges to truly tire them out. Burning off all that energy keeps them happy and, let's be honest, out of mischief.

Finding productive ways to expend your dog’s excess energy is important because, for the most part, a tired dog is a good dog. If high-energy dogs don't get enough playtime, they might decide your favorite shoes are their new chew toy or that the sofa needs a bit more "flair" with their paw art.

It's not just about keeping them out of trouble, though. Regular, engaging play keeps dogs in tip-top shape and sharpens their minds. Toys and games do more than entertain; they also support a dog's overall well-being, and they make every day a bit more fun and fulfilling for your furry friend.

Here are PrideBites’ recommendations for great toy ideas that'll keep those tail-waggers busy, healthy, and above all, joyful:

1) Rope Toys

Picture this: you're in the backyard, engaged in an epic tug-of-war battle with your dog. In addition to being fun, tug-of-war is a fantastic way for your pooch to get a serious workout—not just physically, but mentally, too.

Rope toys will do just the trick here. They’re built tough, i.e. meant for pulling, tugging, and even a bit of chewing. On top of the fun factor, they're also great for your dog's dental health, as these toys help to clean dogs’ teeth and massage their gums as they chew. Whether your dog is playing with you or just enjoying some solo chew time, rope toys will be a big hit for those with energy to spare.

Besides using them for tug of war, you can also throw your rope toy around and encourage your dog to chase it and bring it back to you. If you want a toy that will fly farther when thrown, you can buy a customizable frisbee rope toy. A frisbee-style toy like this will also stay afloat in midair far longer than a regular rope toy, which is ideal if you’d like your dog to practice their jumping skills. 

2) Balls and Ball Launchers

There’s a reason fetch is such a timeless pastime for dogs and their humans. Balls tap into dogs’ natural instincts to chase and retrieve—and they give your pooch a full-body workout in the process.

Soft toy balls are good for playing catch inside your home, so the ball doesn’t break anything valuable. Tennis balls, when thrown, can travel greater distances and are much more durable compared to other dog toys. This is why they’ve long been the go-to choice for outdoor games of fetch. 

Once you’ve got balls for your fur baby, you can also get some automatic ball launchers to help you take fetch to a whole new level. With a launcher, you can send balls flying further with less effort and make your dog run that much more, so they really burn off that extra energy. It’s a win-win: your dog gets a fantastic sprint, and you get to watch them have the time of their life, all without wearing out your throwing arm.

3) Puzzle Toys and Treat Dispensing Toys

Puzzle toys help your dog exercise their brains as well as their bodies. These toys can come in different shapes and forms, and most of them can entice your dog with the promise of treats. Their interactive nature means that your dog can play with them entirely on their own, with minimal supervision.

 These toys typically contain treats and require your dog to solve the puzzle before dispensing the reward. Upon continuously performing an action like rolling the toy or nuzzling its components until it releases the treat, your dog will have to focus on coordinating their motions.

Knowing that can expect a reward also keeps the dog focused, attentive, and engaged. Some of the more popular puzzle toys include: 

  • Treat maze. You put a treat into a circular dome, and your dog has to tap, flip, and roll the dome until the treat comes out. 
  • Small ball in a big ball. This toy encourages your dog to roll, tap, bite, and dig to get the smaller ball out. While this toy doesn’t dispense treats, you can encourage your dog to keep playing by spreading peanut butter on the small ball. 
  • Interactive puzzle toys. These toys require your dog to move around parts and pieces of the toy to find the treats hidden inside. Some toys have blocks that your dog has to push up and down or flaps that your dog has to slide open to reveal the treats. These toys come in a wide array of unique designs, but their main purpose remains the same: to hide a treat for your dog to find.  

4) Motion-Activated or Automatic Toys

Play time with a high-energy dog can be tiring, but you can make things a little easier on yourself by investing in some automatic toys. These toys move on their own to catch your dog’s attention. They can take on many forms, such as dog tails, balls, and stuffed small animals to stimulate your dog’s hunting instinct.

Chasing after the toy will  encourage your dog to hunt and work their legs. Some of these toys are motion-activated, so they only move when touched or when they sense your dog nearby. 

5) Digging and Activity Mats

Let's face it: some dogs just love to dig. It’s a natural, instinctual behavior that’s unhealthy to discourage. But if you live in a home without a yard or are looking to preserve your flowerbeds, digging and activity mats present the perfect solution. These toys are designed to simulate the experience of digging in the dirt, but without the mess.

You can hide toys or treats in them to give your dog the thrill of the hunt as they dig away to their heart's content. It's a creative way to indulge their digging desires in a controlled, non-destructive way. Plus, it's another great tool for mental stimulation, given that playing with a digging or activity mat requires your dog to figure out how to retrieve their hidden treasures.

The right toys for your high-energy dog can transform both your lives for the better. On top of keeping them busy, great toys will enrich their daily routine with fun, exercise, and mental challenges that, in turn, keep them healthy and content.

PrideBites is the perfect source for unique, customizable toys that can help you give your dog the best possible playtime experience. Whether your dog loves to run, chew, or dig, PrideBites has something that will capture their interest and cater to their energy level.

So, why not give your dog the gift of play? Reach out to PrideBites today for custom designs and wholesale orders, and watch your dog’s playtime become more enjoyable than ever.