5 Reasons Why Dog Clothes Are Important

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5 Reasons Why Dog Clothes Are Important

Contrary to what some people may think, putting clothes on your dog is more than just a fashion statement. Even if most canines possess fur coats that keep them warm, they still benefit from wearing apparel like sweaters and customizable dog t-shirts. Clothes not only look great on your dog, but also promote better health, hygiene and safety.

If you live in a place with chilly winters or sweltering summers, clothing can provide your dog with more insulation or keep them cool. Certain canines, like senior dogs, have health conditions that may require you to regulate their body temperatures through clothes.

If your dog often goes outdoors, then an added layer of clothing can shield them from the elements and protect their fur from dirt. To learn more, below are five things that wearing clothes can do for your dog:

Keep Your Pooch Comfy in Hot or Cold Weather

Some dogs, like Siberian huskies and Samoyeds, have naturally thick coats that are made to withstand colder temperatures. However, other breeds may have difficulty handling frigid weather, especially small and short-haired canines. Without proper insulation, your dog may be susceptible to hypothermia. There are also hairless breeds, like the Chinese crested dog, who need to wear an extra layer of clothing to regulate their body temperatures.

If you live in a country with colder climates, dress your dog appropriately for the weather. Clothing pieces like sweaters, hoodies and coats are ideal for keeping your pup warm when winter comes.

Similarly, dogs with thick coats can feel uncomfortable during the summer months and may be prone to overheating. Besides providing them with enough water and giving their fur a good trim, you can have them wear a cooling jacket or vest that’s designed to deflect and evaporate heat.

Mitigate Health Conditions

Clothes can also mitigate certain health conditions that your canine may be experiencing. If you own a senior dog with arthritis, cold weather can make their joints ache even worse than usual. To prevent joint stiffness or pain, make sure to put some clothes on geriatric canines when the temperature drops. Additionally, dogs that experience Cushing’s disease are prone to losing a lot of fur, which means they may need some clothes to help protect their body and keep it at normal temperatures.

Protect Your Canine’s Skin

Even if your dog isn’t experiencing any health conditions, having them wear clothes is still a great way to protect their skin from the elements. Parkas will keep your pooch dry when they’re out in the rain or snow. Your dog also needs extra protection during very sunny days, as UV rays from the sun can damage their skin. With that in mind, a t-shirt made of lightweight and breathable fabric can help protect your fur baby’s skin while keeping them cool. For extra measure, you can also shield your pup’s head from the sun’s rays with a comfy hat.

Clothes can also protect your dog from parasites like fleas and ticks, especially if you often take them to grassy or wooded areas. While it’s still necessary to apply anti-flea and anti-tick treatments on your pooch’s fur, a t-shirt can deter bugs from biting your dog or making a home in their fur.

Keep Your Dog (And House) Clean

While it can be a joy to see your canine playing outdoors, activities like digging or rolling in the soil can make grooming a particularly challenging task. Thankfully, clothes are great at keeping dirt away from your dog’s fur. Once they’ve finished playtime, you can easily remove their garment and toss it into the wash. Plus, clothes are also great for containing shedding. They can trap fur inside them, preventing pet hair from spreading all over your house. With clothes, you can enjoy a tidy home while maintaining your dog’s hygiene.

Promote Your Pup’s Safety

Your dog’s clothing pieces can also act as safety measures. If you’re taking your dog out for a walk at night, it’s best to have them wear outfits with reflective materials. By doing so, bikers or drivers will have an easier time seeing your pooch in dark environments, which can prevent accidents from happening. Additionally, if your canine manages to escape during your walk, reflective outfits allow you to spot them easily. If you plan to go swimming with your dog, you should also consider getting them a life vest. This is very important for dogs who aren’t familiar with the water or can’t swim on their own.

As shown in the sections above, clothes aren’t just fashion items. They also keep your dog healthy and safe. With that in mind, make sure that your fur baby wears clothes in the correct size since apparel that’s too large or small can cause discomfort. Also, be sure to take note of your dog's specific needs based on their breed, size, and age, so you can purchase the most suitable outfits for them. By selecting the right clothes for your canine, you can ensure that they look good and feel good.