Tug 'N Toss

Taking playtime to the next level, this tug-of-war toy is built for tough play and chewing

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Tug 'N Toss
Tug 'N Toss
Tug 'N Toss
Tug 'N Toss
Tug 'N Toss

- Durable, fun toss toy
- A perfect way to exercise your pup
- Ideal for outdoor playtime
- Soft, yet durable, fabric

One Size

100 / 300 Units per size

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

Opening order: $50. Exact repeat setup: $35

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Tug-of-war is a mental and physical game that can help teach pets the value of self-control. It also helps them expend excess energy while reinforcing the bond between parent and fur baby. Generally speaking, these games are best played using tennis ball toys that are specifically designed to be roughed up and chewed, such as PrideBites’ Tug ‘N Toss. Read more about why these toys make great products for pet parents: Tug-of-war games are a form of interactive play that can stimulate pets both physically and mentally. They’re great for correcting restive behavior, as playtime provides them with an outlet for their excess energy. Interactive games also strengthen the bonds between pets and their parents, enabling them to forge a deeper connection and become closer than ever. Interestingly, dog trainers used to discourage tug-of-war games for fear of inciting problematic aggressive behavior in pets. Fortunately, research has since disproved the notion, and modern trainers now encourage pet parents to engage in tugging games with their furry friends. With that being said, they’ll need a sturdy dog toy for the job. Look no further than PrideBites’ Tug ‘N Toss, which is both a fetch toy and a tug-of-war toy in one. Formed by looping a strong nylon band through a ball, it’s sure to give parents and their fur babies hours of outdoor fun. Because it’s built for rough play and chewing, it’s one of the best ways to give pups exercise while teaching them about self-control and positive reinforcement. Order now and receive a virtual mock-up of your item, absolutely free upon request.

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