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Customizable Dog Treats

Customizable Dog Treats

The number of households with pets has grown significantly in recent years. As such, the sales of quality pet products have also increased considerably. Many young families even consider their pet dogs as children, buying cute and novelty products such as clothing and toys for them. Not surprisingly, the pet industry has grown exponentially over the last decade and has a huge audience of potential customers for any business.

Even if your business is not necessarily a part of the pet industry, you can still tap into the pet care market by providing products that pet owners will love. Whether you provide services or products, expanding your offerings to cater to the needs of pups and their owners can drive your sales upward.

That being said, there’s one foolproof product that you should definitely consider adding to your product list or line-up of promotional items: customizable dog treats. Read on to learn more about these irresistible products and why they may be a great investment for your business.

Why Dog Owners Love Customizable Dog Treats

With more and more families welcoming dogs into their homes, it’s little wonder why dog treats have become more popular. After all, using treats is a great way for pet parents to bond with their canine companions.

That said, dog owners are becoming more conscious about the quality of the treats that they buy for their fur babies. Some pet parents may also be looking for healthier dog treats to ensure their furry friends’ health and wellbeing. Moreover, many dog owners do consider dog treats a necessary thing to keep on hand, particularly for training purposes. Hence, they are likely to keep a steady supply of them in their homes.

While it’s true that most pet parents are happy with store-bought treats from major pet brands, they may be seeking something more special for certain occasions. For instance, they may want to purchase a customized snack for their pup’s birthday or adoption anniversary. There’s also no denying the cuteness factor of having a pet’s face or name engraved on a special treat just for them.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about pitching your products to potential customers. A lot of pet parents are well-versed in what their pups already need. They are usually more open to trying new products if it can be helpful for their fur babies. Making these treats decorated or customized will simply be a nice touch that they will appreciate even more.

Why Dog Treats Are a Profitable Investment

If your business is not directly involved in the pet industry, you can still use dog treats to your benefit. It is surprisingly easy to make your offerings more appealing to pet parents, and there are a plethora of benefits in doing so.

For the most part, pet essentials are not a seasonal product. Hence, the demand for them will always be consistent. After all, pets will always want treats, and so their parents will constantly buy them for as long as needed. Generally speaking, you can safely expect your revenue from dog treats to stay relatively stable, and perhaps even spike during the holidays.

In addition, the pet food industry is surprisingly recession-resistant. It should be of little wonder, however, as pet owners are known to prioritize the health and wellness of their pups, even—and especially—during difficult times. Even if special pet treats may cost them a bit more than usual, they are willing to purchase them if they will make their dogs happier and healthier.

Additionally, the growing preference for online shopping has made it easier for more businesses to ease into selling pet products. So if you want to start small, selling pet treats online can be a great starting point. It’s also extremely effective when it comes to raising brand awareness, as pet parents are sure to notice your branding as they feed your customized dog treats to their tail-wagging friends.

How to Customize Dog Treats

There are several ways that you can go about customizing your dog treats. Here are two of the most popular methods that you can try:

Edible Prints

Considered to be the easiest customization method, these types of custom dog treats feature designs that are directly stamped, engraved, and embossed onto their surfaces. These graphics or messages are applied to the treat by using specialized tools or edible ink.

Pet-Safe Decorations

To take your dog treats to the next level, you can customize them by adding a few edible decorations. For example, you can pipe dog-friendly icing along the edges of your treats, or come up with pet-safe “toppers” to create visually-stunning snacks.

How to Incorporate Dog Treats Into Your Business

Whether you’re already operating in the pet industry or just about to enter it, the possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing customized dog treats to your company’s advantage. That said, here are some suggestions:

Promote Your Service-Oriented Business

Put simply, customizable dog treats make for fantastic promotional items. You can place a bulk order for customized dog treats that are made to look like your company’s logo, mascot, or any other design that’s related to your business. You can then give away your unique pet snacks at trade shows, fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and much more. Compared to other types of promotional materials, customized dog treats are fairly cost-effective to make and have mass appeal, too. This way of using customizable dog treats is also versatile, as it can work for promoting all kinds of service-oriented businesses regardless of the industries they operate in.

Expand Your Product Range

If you primarily sell products directly to consumers, you can add customized dog treats to your current range of products. Businesses that work in the food and beverage industry can easily craft their very dog treat recipe and produce these snacks themselves. For example, bakery and restaurant owners already have the resources to create large batches of ready-to-eat products for pups. Additionally, their customers already buy food from them, so persuading them to get something for their fur babies shouldn’t be a problem. These companies can even expand their reach by partnering up with pet stores to sell their customized dog treats.

In addition to coming up with your very own line of snacks for pups, you can also consider offering made-to-order dog treats, too. This can be particularly appealing for pet owners whose dogs have dietary issues, as they can request specific ingredients to be used in the recipe. These pet parents will also be willing to pay more if it means they can get the best snacks possible for their fur baby.

Companies that aren’t related to the food industry can instead partner with a company that specializes in the production of pet treats. They also don’t necessarily have to sell them at food-related businesses. For instance, they could collaborate with companies that sell pet supplies, travel gear, and other products. Because dog treats can be used for all sorts of purposes, such as behavioral training, it won’t take much to convince a pet parent to add them to their carts.

How to Make Your Dog Treats Stand Out

Because other businesses already sell their own dog treats, you will need to find a way to set your offerings apart from theirs. To give yourself a better chance of being picked over your competitors, make sure to look into current trends in the pet food industry. This will help make your products more relevant and timely. For example, healthier eating has become a hot topic not just for humans, but also for pets. As such, there may a segment of the market that would prefer organic dog treats made with natural ingredients. You can also make your dog treats stand out from the rest by emphasizing their ingredients or nutritional value.

You can also offer the customization of dog treats as a service at an added cost. As mentioned previously, some pet parents are willing to pay more if it means better quality products for their fur babies. To cater to them, you will have to come up with an ordering system that will make it easy for you to fulfill their requests.

Why You Should Create Your Own Custom Dog Treats Now

Whether you are planning to give them away or sell them, dog treats are sure to bring a bevy of benefits to your company. That being said, it is your responsibility as a business owner to provide high-quality snacks that are safe for pets to consume.

To make things easier on yourself, it’s best to get your pet snacks made by a reputable manufacturer of custom pet products such as PrideBites. We can produce tasty dog treats in bulk and can fulfill wholesale orders for retailers in four to six weeks. You can choose from twelve different flavors, and you can expect your products to have a shelf life of up to eighteen months. Reach out to us now to get started on creating your very own custom dog treats today!