Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts
Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts
Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts
Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts
Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts
Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts

Customizable Dog Car Seat Belts

Attaches to any car seatbelt receptacle to easily and safely secure your pup in the back seat
- Adjustable for in seat movement control
- Clicks right into your seatbelt
Length: 16-27"
Width: 1"
50 / 100 / 300 / 500 Units per size
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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Car Seat Belts

If your business is in the automotive or travel industry, you might have noticed a shift in the kinds of families who are getting around. In particular, many people—especially younger couples—are bringing along their pets with them wherever they go. This has resulted in a demand for more pet-friendly cars, gear, and more. Indeed, pet parents want to be able to travel without worrying about the safety of their children, both human and canine.

That being said, it might be a good idea to add car seat belts to your current product line. Not only is it a relevant move to take, but it will also show that your company prioritizes the safety of your customers’ furry friends. But how do dog car seat belts work and why should you consider selling or making them yourself? Read on to find out more.


Do Pets Really Need Their Own Specially-Designed Car Seat Belts?

If you are a pet owner yourself, you are well aware of how emotionally invested you can be in the welfare of your animal companions. It is that same emotional connection that can compel a pet parent to buy something for their pets if they believe that it will make their fur babies happy, healthy, or comfortable. In this case, a car seat belt for a pet is definitely a product that most people would consider a necessity if they drive around a lot with their four-legged friends.


Many car seat belts are designed to be used by people and may not provide the same security and protection to dogs. Some breeds may be too small or too big to use the car’s seat belt, but that does not necessarily mean that they are exempted from using it. A seat belt designed specifically for dogs will give pet parents some peace of mind because they know it will keep their pets safe while they’re on the go.


Are Dog Car Seat Belts a Good Way to Market Your Business?

Your company does not have to be related to pets or animals for you to sell branded pet products. For example, a business that specializes in automotive parts or travel accessories can sell car seat belts for dogs of all sizes. This is because their target market is comprised of people who like to drive around with their fur babies. These people will appreciate being given a product that can keep their furry companions safe during any drive. Additionally, pet parents are a great market to reach out to because of their willingness to spend more on products for their pets.


Pet parents are also extremely active on social media. They often post about the products that they buy, especially ones that they’re pleased with. Imagine how many people a single post from a pet owner can drive toward your business. To make the most out of this, consider having car seat belts made with your company’s branding. Instead of stocking up on products from other existing businesses, you can make your own to increase your brand visibility, especially online.


How Do Dog Car Seat Belts Keep Pets Safe During Travel?

Perhaps one of the most marketable attributes of car seat belts for dogs is the mere fact that they keep dogs safe while they’re in a moving vehicle. Pet parents can drive with confidence knowing that there is a secure tether that will prevent their dog from jumping out of the car or getting tossed around if they hit the brakes too suddenly.


Additionally, a dog that is restrained in a moving car is less likely to get motion sickness and anxiety. This is because a dog’s center of gravity is closer to the ground, making them more sensitive to any abrupt changes in motion compared to humans. Having a seat belt on helps a dog calm down because something is helping them stay still, which has a soothing effect on them.


Do Car Seat Belts for Dogs Work With Existing Car Parts?

Some people may have the misconception that a seat belt for their pets may need a special kind of installation, but this is not the case. Seat belts for pets are designed to work with the current structure of most cars. These products usually come with a hook on one side, allowing customers to attach the belt to particular parts of the car. Meanwhile, the other end can simply be plugged into the seat belt receptacle.


Moreover, a lot of dog seat belts are adjustable and come in a plethora of sizes for all kinds of breeds. Owners of small Pomeranians and large Newfoundlands can easily find a seat belt size that can keep their dogs safe and comfortable in the back seat. Pet parents also have a choice between a traditional seat belt or one with a harness if they require additional support. That being said, it is fairly easy for any pup parent to find a dog seat belt in the right size and style for their four-legged friend.


Can Dog Seat Belts Help Pet Owners Drive with Fewer Distractions?

Did you know that less than 20 percent of pet owners use restraints when driving with their dogs? In a survey, the Animal Pet Products Association (APPA) found that 16 percent of dog owners claimed to secure their dogs in their car. However, 70 percent of pet owners confessed to letting their pups distract them while driving. With so many traffic accidents being caused by preoccupied motorists, a dog seat belt is simply vital to everyone’s safety in a moving vehicle.


Though dog seat belts primarily protect the pet, it also keeps drivers from being distracted by their animal passengers. Pet owners can breathe easy and focus on the road knowing that their pet dog won’t be jumping around inside of the car, attempting to escape, or trying to lunge at things. This is especially important when there is no one else in the car to watch the dog.

This is another good angle you can use to market dog restraints like harnesses and seat belts to your customers. If a pet owner truly cared about the welfare of their dog, they will certainly be swayed to purchase a car seat belt. While it is nice to witness the adorable antics of one’s pup while traveling, it is never worth placing one’s self and loved ones in harm’s way. You need to stress the importance of securing one’s dog inside of a moving vehicle, as many pet owners may not be aware of how crucial this can be to traveling safely. After all, people need to wear seat belts every time they ride a car. It only makes sense for that requirement to extend to dogs, too.


Are Dog Seat Belts Affordable?

Pet parents need not spend a fortune on trying to make their cars more pet-friendly when a dog seat belt is an inexpensive and convenient solution. Dog crates and kennels are usually quite expensive and may not always be the best option for a lot of people. Additionally, there is a misconception that a dog-friendly car always has to be a pick-up truck or one that’s been customized for traveling with one’s pet.


The bottom line is that making a car more suitable for a dog is simply about making the necessary adjustments to ensure the canine’s safety and comfort. For dog parents who might not be able to afford expensive products but still want what’s best for their pup, a dog seat belt already makes a huge difference. It will keep their dog inside of the car, restrain the dog without being too restrictive, and allow them to focus on driving. This is more than enough for pet owners who just want to drive around and travel with their pets properly and safely.


How Do You Find the Right Manufacturer of Car Seat Belts for Dogs?

If you have decided that you’re going to create your own line of branded car seat belts for dogs, you have to find the right company to make them for you. Whether or not your business is related to the pet industry, you have to be careful about the pet product manufacturer that you end up going with.


Indeed, you need to find a team that will respect your company’s vision while making sure you get a high-quality pet product. Not only will this product be representing what your company is about, but it is also expected to keep your customers’ dogs safe while traveling. Do your due diligence and put in the time into finding the right manufacturer, as your company’s reputation is not the only thing at stake.


Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far to find one. We here at PrideBites are proud to offer high-quality customized dog car seat belts and other pet products that pet parents love! If you’d like to learn more about what our company can do for you, reach out to us ASAP.

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