Dog Frisbee Rope Toss Toy: A New Way to Fetch

Upgrade your frisbee game with this multi-play frisbee toy - perfect for tug of war, fetch, etc.

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Dog Frisbee Rope Toss Toy: A New Way to Fetch
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- Durable because it’s made of climbing rope
- Fun for you and your pup!
- Easy-to-catch (easy-to-throw)
- Durable nylon fabric
- Perfect for outdoor playtime!

One Size

100 / 500 Units per size

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4-6 Weeks

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PrideBites’ multi-play frisbee rope toy introduces a new way for pet parents to play enjoyable games like fetch and tug-of-war with their furbabies. Made with a durable climbing rope and sturdy nylon fabric, it’s sure to get any pup up and moving. Discover how you can use this product to promote your brand and business below: Engaging in active outdoor play poses numerous benefits for pets. For one thing, games like fetch and tug-of-war not only keep a dog’s heart and joints in good shape, but can also improve their balance and coordination. These toys are also great for managing a hyperactive pup’s excess energy. Additionally, these games stimulate dogs mentally and provide them with valuable opportunities to learn basic social skills. Best of all, pet parents stand to benefit from playing with their fur babies. After all, regular outdoor play sessions can help both pup and owner get a bit of exercise in and let off some steam. These activities can also help strengthen the bond between parent and pet. If you’re looking for the best toys to offer to your customers, PrideBites’ multi-functional frisbee rope toys combine the aerodynamic properties of a normal frisbee with the strength and toughness of climbing rope for hours of outdoor playtime fun. The durable nylon fabric can be customized with your business’ branding, logo, or image. It’s an excellent promotional tool that can help put your name in front of a passionate audience of pet lovers. Every order comes with a free virtual proof of product so that you can see exactly how your customized toy will look before it goes into production. To get started, just use the provided contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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