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Dog Frisbee Rope Toss Toy: A New Way to Fetch
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Dog Frisbee Rope Toss Toy: A New Way to Fetch
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Wow your clients with unique gifts
Amaze your customers with giveaways 
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Wow your clients with unique gifts
Amaze your customers with giveaways 
Resell on your site
Stand out at events

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What Customers Are Saying

Dog Frisbee Rope Toss Toy: A New Way to Fetch


The majority of the households in the United States of America own at least one pet, so it makes sense to keep pet owners in mind when designing new merchandise or coming up with an effective marketing strategy. Whether your company offers pet-related goods and services or not, a significant portion of your customer base is likely made up of pet owners. One way of reaching this demographic is coming up with a quality Frisbee rope toy that stays true to your brand and offers pets and their owners—your customers—hours of active fun.

What Are Frisbee Rope Toys?

Frisbees for canine companions often fall into two categories: soft and hard. The hard ones are often made of plastic and weigh significantly more than their soft counterparts. These hard Frisbees can be quite durable and can be thrown with precision.

Meanwhile, Frisbee rope toys belong to the soft category. These toys often feature a nylon fabric at the center that’s surrounded by and held into shape by a closed rope loop. The pet owner throws the Frisbee rope toy into the air, and their pet can catch the toy and bring it back to them.

Who Will Best Benefit from Using Frisbee Rope Toys?

Frisbee rope toys are perfect for healthy dogs with a lot of energy for mental and physical activities. Pet owners who have access to a spacious yard or those that live near parks, gardens, and open fields can incorporate Frisbee-related activities into their everyday bonding session with their furred companions.

Additionally, catching Frisbees is a tiring activity, and this can be a good thing for hyperactive pups. Pet parents who can only spend a short time outdoors with their active pets can use Frisbee rope toys to ensure that their canine companions have used up their excess energy at the end of every day. Depending on the dog’s energy and engagement level, a pet parent may simply need to spend a few minutes throwing Frisbees to keep their fur babies happy and healthy.

At the same time, though, catching Frisbees may not be the right fit for some dogs. Pet owners may need to refrain from using Frisbee toys when playing with dogs that are overweight, too young, too old, too big, or too small. Fetching Frisbees tends to be a demanding physical activity, and it can put too much strain on the developing bodies of young pups. This activity can also cause injuries among aging dogs that may be suffering from chronic health conditions.

While overweight dogs can certainly benefit from exercising, starting them off with intense physical activities can put a lot of pressure on their joints. It’s also not advisable to subject brachycephalic dogs and dogs that belong to super small or giant breeds to intense exercises like catching Frisbees, as they may have difficulty breathing, regulating their body temperature, or supporting their weight.

How Are Frisbee Rope Toys Effective Promotional Products?

Frisbee rope toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, but most of them feature a wide, flat surface in the middle where you can easily insert your brand’s logo, mascot, or colors. This, in turn, makes them a perfect type of merchandise for giveaways, as your company’s logo will stay front and center whenever pet owners and prospective customers use the toy to play with their dogs.

Whenever pet owners take the toy out, they’ll be reminded of your company’s products and services. When they play with the Frisbee rope toy out in the open, the people who pass them by or happen to observe them will also become aware of your brand’s offerings. Your brand ambassadors—in this case, the pet owners—will be happy to display and see your logo in everyday spaces like parks, gardens, and backyards. The same applies if you’re planning to sell Frisbee rope toys with your logo on them.

Another benefit of using pet products and merchandise to increase your brand’s visibility is that it allows your brand to be associated with pets and the feeling of affection and companionship that they share with their owners—that is, your prospective customers. Your company will easily come to mind when customers remember their latest events and activities with their pets, as the brand’s logo or name is clearly displayed on the toy that their pet is playing with. More than just a commercial entity, your company can be a part of the customers’ memory of a fun day spent with their family, friends, and pets through the Frisbee rope toy that carries your name.

Also, investing in pet merchandise like custom Frisbee rope toys sends the message that your company cares about the things that matter to your customers. Frisbee rope toys may seem like a novel item for many people, but it’s a cherished toy for many companion animals. Investing in this product highlights the fact that you’re aware of how much your customers value their pets, and you want your company to make it easier for pet owners to bond and create happy memories with their animal companions. This desire is something that your company shares with your customers, and having a shared value makes it easier for your customers to recall your brand.

Keeping all of these points in mind, it would be a smart idea to launch your Frisbee rope toy giveaway or product through an activity-filled event that pets and pet parents can participate in. If your brand deals mainly with non-pet-related goods and services, you can opt to partner with a company that markets directly to pet owners, such as pet food manufacturers. You can also offer your branded merchandise as a freebie to those who will purchase your partner company’s pet food brand.

Alternatively, you can bundle your Frisbee rope toy with your own products and services and give it away to your customers whenever they entrust you with their business. This way, your branded Frisbee rope toy will be able to reach more people and their pets.

Why Should Your Business Reach Out to Pet Owners?

The number of pet owners in the United States is steadily increasing. As of 2019, 67 percent or 85 million households in the country own at least one pet. Dogs, the most popular type of pets, are present in 63 million households, while cats come second at more than 42 million.

More and more pet owners are also willing to spend money to ensure that their dogs, cats, and other companion animals are healthy, happy, and loved. Over USD 75 billion was spent on pet products and services in 2019, which is a significant increase from just over USD 48 billion two decades ago. Many people have also opted to adopt pets to keep them company in the past few months, so these numbers have likely increased since then.

Companies that focus on pet products continue to benefit from these trends, but it doesn’t mean that non-pet-related businesses have no chance of getting their share of the pie. It’s never too late to commission a custom Frisbee rope toy with your company’s name or logo on it and make your brand more visible to pet owners.

Here at PrideBites, we can guide you every step of the way. As a leading pet product design and wholesale manufacturing company, we help brands reach out to pet owners, and we’ve partnered with well-known sports teams and companies in the food and beverage, resorts and hotels, and technology industries in the past. We can do the same for your business, and we can get started right away.

3 Things You Need to Consider When Designing Branded Frisbee Rope Toys

If you’re planning on investing in branded Frisbee rope toys that you can sell as merchandise or incorporate into your branding strategy as a giveaway item, you have to consider a few factors. These include:


What are the dimensions of the Frisbee rope toy? Dogs of different sizes will need toys that are suited to them. Do you want to focus on a particular size, one that can suit most dogs, or do you prefer to order merchandise in batches of small, medium, and large?


What does your branded Frisbee rope toy look like? What colors should it have and what branding elements should it display? Have you thought about whether the merchandise should display your company’s logo, mascot, or an image of the products and services that you offer? Our team of designers at PrideBites can provide you with creative options that will catch the attention of your customers and stay true to your branding.


Dog toys should be durable enough to resist everyday wear and tear. After all, no one will be able to see your company’s logo if the Frisbee rope toy that it’s printed on stops being useful after one or two throws. You can consider using nylon fabric for the Frisbee, as this material is lightweight, print-friendly, and highly durable. Our team at PrideBites uses climbing rope on these items to ensure that they won’t get shredded when the pet starts pulling on the toy.

Are you thinking of adding Frisbee rope toys to your product line or offering this type of toy for your next marketing event or campaign? If so, get in touch with PrideBites so that we can help you design and manufacture quality pet toys that will reflect your brand as well as keep pets and pet owners happy.