The Ultimate Dog Bowls

Serving dogs in style since 2013. The durable stainless-steel bowls work well for both puppies and dogs, small and large alike, as well as cats or kittens

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The Ultimate Dog Bowls
The Ultimate Dog Bowls
The Ultimate Dog Bowls
The Ultimate Dog Bowls
The Ultimate Dog Bowls

- 5 Sizes to choose from
- Constructed of stainless steel with removable rubber ring for easy cleaning
- Hand wash Only
- Durable quality and rust-resistant

Top Diameter
Bottom Diameter
5 oz
9 oz
19 oz
27 oz
55 oz

500 / 1000 Units per size
*MOQ is per size and per design.

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

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Some pet parents mistakenly think that it’s enough to pour pet food into any old bowl. What they may not know is that choosing the right bowls for food and water can have a significant impact on their pet’s health and well-being. That’s why PrideBites’ line of stainless-steel dog bowls make for great products or giveaways, allowing your customer’s fur babies to chow down in style and comfort. To find out how to order, check out our specifications and samples: Many pet parents don’t put much thought into the bowls that they choose for their dogs’ food and water. But what they don’t know is that different types of dogs need different kinds of bowls. In fact, choosing the wrong one could harm a pup’s health. For example, the right kind of dog bowl can encourage pets to eat more slowly. This is ideal, as slow eating prevents the dog from developing indigestion, regurgitating their food, and other forms of gastrointestinal upset. In terms of what bowls are best for specific types of dogs, the depth of the bowl and the width of its opening is key. For instance, bowls with narrow openings are best for dogs with long ears, while those with short noses or snouts will benefit from shallower bowls. That’s why PrideBites’ Ultimate Dog Bowls are the ultimate dog bowl for all sorts of pups. They’re made with durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel and are available in five sizes, ranging from X-Small to X-Large. Order now by filling out our request form.

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