Customizable Dog Poop Bags. Because $#*! Happens.

Cleaning up after your pup has never looked better. Our dog poop pickup bags are strong, durable, and leak-proof. They’re tough enough to hold any mess.

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Customizable Dog Poop Bags. Because $#*! Happens.

- .2 mm thick bags - holds 33.8 oz
- Each unit = 120 bags/8 rolls of 15 bags each
- Fits all standard poop bag holders

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655 / 1300 / 2600 / 5200 Packs per size

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Over the years, people bringing their dogs along everywhere they go has become quite a common sight. That being said, owners need to practice proper walking etiquette at all times. When nature calls while pets are out and about, for instance, owners must take the responsibility of cleaning up after their canine friends. And while it isn’t the most pleasant of tasks, there are fortunately several pet products that can help make this ordeal easier to deal with. Dog diapers are one such solution, though not every dog can wear them comfortably. Hence, some pet owners prefer to make use of poop bags instead. Read on to learn more about the advantages of this humble plastic bag. Caring for a pet is often a fantastic and rewarding experience, but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t come with its occasional downsides. Though a dog that decides to poop in public can make for a funny moment, cleaning up after them can be stressful for their owners. Situations like these are why dog poop bags have become a must-have item for many pet parents, as they can help make clean-up quicker and easier. And at PrideBites, we create colorful branded versions of these bags that are tough enough to handle any mess, making them a sure hit with your customers. PrideBites bags are made of durable plastic that’s two millimeters thick and can hold up to 33.8 ounces of waste, all without breaking or leaking. And they’re easy to bring around, too. Pet parents can simply put a roll of these bags into any standard-sized poop bag holder before heading out the door with their four-legged friends. If you're thinking about adding dog poop bags to your current product line, PrideBites can create them based on your company's branding requirements. Contact us today to get started.

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