Chest Dog Harnesses For Speed and Comfort on Walks
Chest Dog Harnesses For Speed and Comfort on Walks
Chest Dog Harnesses For Speed and Comfort on Walks
Chest Dog Harnesses For Speed and Comfort on Walks

Chest Dog Harnesses For Speed and Comfort on Walks

A cushioned, lightweight harness that’s simple to secure and comfortable for your dog
- Adjustable for a perfect fit
- Soft mesh padding for comfort
- Strong metal D-ring
- A collar alternative for walks
  X-Small Small Medium Large
Neck 9.5" 12.6" 15.7" 18.9"
Waist 11.4-16.1" 13.2-19.7" 15.7-23.2" 21.6-43.3"
Length 6.5" 7.5" 9" 10.5"
100 / 500 / 1000 Units per size
Free upon request with order
4-6 Weeks

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One of the most popular alternatives to the traditional dog collar is a step-in dog harness. Unlike a collar, which sits on a dog’s neck, a harness is attached to the pet’s torso instead. Hence, using the latter can help prevent any pressure from being applied to the dog’s windpipe whenever they pull on their leash. Given the growing demand for these products, you’ll want to work with PrideBites to create branded dog harnesses for your customers. Learn more about our customizable offerings below: Collars have been an enduring choice for pet owners over the years. While they suffice in most situations, there has been growing concern regarding how comfortable they are for fur babies. Generally speaking, many dogs have a tendency to pull on their leash whenever they possibly can. Unfortunately, this could cause lasting injuries to their necks. In the worst of cases, they may even end up strangling themselves by accident. That’s why dog harnesses can be a much safer alternative. Unlike pet collars, they attach to a pet’s torso, reducing pressure on the neck and tracheal area. This makes them ideal for puppies that are still learning how to walk on a lead. Additionally, harnesses offer more overall control, allowing pet parents to better guide their pups through crowded urban areas. They’re also a great way to restrain the movements of bigger dog breeds, preventing them from hurting themselves or others. If you’re interested in offering these harnesses to your customers, you can count on PrideBites to provide you with the highest quality products. That’s because our step-in harnesses are made with resilient nylon and reinforced with heavy-duty stitching for unmatched strength and durability. We also offer them in small, medium, and large sizes to fit a variety of pets. To get started, contact us by filling out our form below. We can even create a free mock-up to help you envision what the final product will look like.

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