Double Zippered Travel Dog Bowls
Double Zippered Travel Dog Bowls
Double Zippered Travel Dog Bowls
Double Zippered Travel Dog Bowls
Double Zippered Travel Dog Bowls
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Wow your clients with unique gifts
Amaze your customers with giveaways 
Resell on your site
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Double Zippered Travel Dog Bowls


Pet ownership is now being dominated by the millennial market that makes up about 31 percent of all pet owners in the United States, according to the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey from 2019-2020. This health-conscious generation is characterized by their love of traveling and spending time outdoors, and it only makes sense for them to share these pursuits with their furry friends.

Physically active and outdoorsy pet owners enjoy few activities more than those they can do with their fur babies. Whether it’s hiking, biking, going on a road trip, or taking a casual walk, these owners love breathing in the fresh air and taking in the beauty of nature with their pets.

Modern pet owners also consider themselves doting parents. Millennials, especially, have a tendency to humanize their pets, treating them more like members of the family. They keep their furry best friends at the forefront of their minds for every outing. As a result, they often won’t leave the house without first making sure that their pets are ready with the right gear and accessories.

For retailers, this is a convergence that is definitely worth capitalizing on. Travel and outdoor-specific pet products and accessories are now in higher demand than ever before. This includes the customizable travel dog bowl, one of PrideBites’ many pet product offerings. Read on to discover what makes this such an effective product or promotional item.

What Is a Travel Dog Bowl?

Just like with humans, urges like hunger and thirst don’t always strike where it’s convenient for dogs. Conscientious pet owners know that they still need a way to meet these demands, though. This is especially true if their pet has been engaging in strenuous physical activities, as is usually the case when they’re out and about.

A travel dog bowl is exactly what it sounds like: a receptacle for a dog’s food or water that has been specially designed for traveling. Unlike the more bulky and rigid traditional options, travel dog bowls can collapse into themselves, using up as little storage space as possible. They’re usually made using flexible but sturdy materials such as silicone and waterproof fabric. When expanded to their full size, they can hold a surprising amount of food or water without leaking.

All of these properties make travel dog bowls a sensible alternative to standard pet bowls, which can be unwieldy and inconvenient to use when pets and their owners are outdoors.

Why Do Pet Parents Purchase Travel Dog Bowls for Their Pets?

Any pet parent who spends a lot of time outdoors and likes to bring their pet with them should find the travel dog bowl supremely useful, to the point of considering it an essential item. Here are a few reasons why they’re incredibly popular with pet owners:

They’re Lightweight and Portable

The travel dog bowl’s primary benefit over the conventional pet food or water bowl is its portability. This is because regular bowls made with traditional materials such as stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic were made to be kept at home, and thus are cumbersome and difficult to manage outside of it. They can be especially inconvenient in situations where the pet owner has to hold or carry other things in their hands. Regular pet food and water bowls also take up a lot of space which can make them difficult to carry and store.

Given all of these, traditional dog bowls simply are not the best choice for pet parents on the go. More often than not, people leaving the house don’t want to bring too many things with them. Meanwhile, pet parents going on a trip often don’t have much space in their backpack or car trunk to dedicate to storing a dog bowl.

In cases like these, a collapsible travel dog bowl makes more sense, as it hardly takes up any space and is lightweight. They’re also best for pet parents who own more than one pup, as they can bring along several of these incredibly portable items without the added bulk.

They Can Keep Pups Safe and Healthy Outdoors

Having a travel dog bowl on hand can protect pets from any illnesses that they can contract from consuming food or water from unknown sources. Some of the most dangerous infectious diseases that can harm our furry friends don’t just come from direct contact with infected animals. They can also be transmitted through contact with contaminated surfaces or water, or after ingesting animal waste products left behind by infected animals.

Indeed, keeping the pet fed and hydrated while on the go will keep them from eating or drinking anything they shouldn’t. Travel dog bowls can, quite literally, save a dog’s life. For this reason alone, every pet owner should endeavor to have one, even those who don’t spend a significant time outdoors with their fur babies.

They Make Life Easier for Pet Parents

With the travel dog bowl, pets can have a more comfortable time outdoors. They can also make these outings less stressful on the part of the pet parent. More than a product that only performs a single function, travel dog bowls also give pet owners more freedom and flexibility. These products can supplement the sensible pet owner’s growing collection of essential supplies and make it easier for them to share hassle-free and memorable experiences with their furry friends.

That being said, your company should endeavor to make only the best possible foldable travel bowls on the market. The last thing any pet parent would want is to receive a collapsible dog bowl that leaks when in use. It would be in your best interest, then, to learn what types of materials are often used for producing these handy products.

What Are the Best Materials for Making Travel Dog Bowls?

Just like regular pet food and water bowls, travel dog bowls come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and styles. This is to accommodate different needs, cater to specific preferences, and suit different situations. For the most part, though, they are categorized according to the materials they are made out of. Some of the most popular materials used to make travel dog bowls include:

Fabric Travel Dog Bowls

A lot of pet owners can be doubtful of the ability of a fabric bowl to hold its shape, never mind hold food and water for their pets. They may think that the material is flimsy, or have a tendency to leak. Contrary to this belief, though, fabric travel dog bowls can be as waterproof and watertight as conventional pet food and water bowls—as long as they’re made with the right type of fabric.

High-quality nylon and polyester are the most popular choices in this category, and incidentally are also the ones used in PrideBites’ customizable travel dog bowls. They have the advantage of folding flat or collapsing into themselves, making them significantly easier to put away and store than other types of travel dog bowls. Some designs also incorporate drawstrings so that the bowl can serve as both dog food storage and serving vessel.

Plastic Travel Dog Bowls

Plastic is one of the most widely-used materials in the world, and travel dog bowls made with it are particularly popular among pet parents who may be concerned about costs. Because they are lightweight, most pet owners don’t consider them inconvenient to carry around. They’re also very durable and can withstand even the roughest handling.

However, not all types of plastic are safe for dogs. Some are manufactured using toxic chemicals that can make a pet sick or cause adverse skin reactions around the snout area. The chew marks and scratches that pets leave on plastic bowls can also become breeding grounds for harmful germs and bacteria. Finally, plastic is non-biodegradable and thus harmful to the environment. As such, your company should stay on the safe side and avoid creating travel dog bowls using this material.

Silicone Travel Dog Bowls

Travel dog bowls can also be made out of silicone, a flexible, rubber-like material. Dog bowls made with it are lightweight and virtually immune to scratches. Some dog bowl designs that make use of silicone can collapse into themselves, just like fabric travel dog bowls, and become thin discs that are easier to carry around and store.

That being said, not all silicone travel dog bowls are created equal. To ensure the safety of the pets eating or drinking from them, these products should be made with BPA-free, food-grade silicone.

Why Do Pet Parents Love PrideBites’ Zippered Foldable Travel Dog Bowls?

When it comes to wholesale customizable travel dog bowls, many brands turn to PrideBites for help. Our customizable zippered travel dog bowls are no bigger than the average belt bags, and they collapse in on themselves for maximum portability.

Though they’re small when folded up, they unfold into large receptacles that can hold up to 1100mL of food or water. They’re made out of sturdy materials, so customers never have to worry about their pet’s food or water spilling out of the sides of these products. The waterproof liner completely prevents leakage and ensures that the pet’s chow always stays safe and sanitary.

Using the PrideBites customizable travel dog bowl is easy: simply unzip the enclosure and pull the sides of the bowl up to create a hollow receptacle before setting it down on the ground or flat surface. After that, it can simply be filled with food or water for the pet to enjoy.

Once the pup is done eating or drinking, the pet parent can simply empty or dry off the dog bowl before folding and zipping it back up. Afterward, they can hang it off their backpack, belt loop, or their pup’s leash using the included carabiner, allowing the pet owner to go completely hands-free. With a diameter of 7.5 inches and a height of 3.7 inches, it’s best used by taller pooches with longer snouts, though they should still work in a pinch for other breeds.

PrideBites’ travel dog bowl is machine washable, making cleanup easy. Simply toss it into the wash, unzipped, and let the machine do its work. Customers should be advised to keep it out of the dryer, though. Instead, the bowl should be allowed to air-dry while open. To ensure that your customers know how to keep their travel dog bowls in tip-top shape, make sure to include cleaning instructions either in the packaging or as a fabric care label.

Just like all of the award-winning products in our extensive catalog, every order you place for the PrideBites customizable travel dog bowl comes with access to our in-house design team. They’ll do their best to bring the pet product of your dreams to life while making sure it’s consistent with your brand’s standards and specifications. We’re also incredibly efficient and can complete wholesale custom pet product orders in just four to six weeks. Contact us now so that we can get started on your own line of zippered fabric travel dog bowls today!