Customizable Beer Can Dog Toy: The New Yappy Hour

Turn your beer can into the perfect accessory so your customers canine companion won’t be left out of the fun!

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Customizable Beer Can Dog Toy: The New Yappy Hour
Customizable Beer Can Dog Toy: The New Yappy Hour
Customizable Beer Can Dog Toy: The New Yappy Hour
Customizable Beer Can Dog Toy: The New Yappy Hour
Customizable Beer Can Dog Toy: The New Yappy Hour

- Available in multiple fabrics
- Squeaker included!
- Stuffed with cotton
- Print anything you want on it
- Dogs love the shape & mouthfeel of these toys!

Normal Can
Tall Can

100 / 300 Units per size

Free upon request with order

4-6 Weeks

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Success Stories

“I bought this dog toy for my older pup. It has outlasted every dog toy i ever bought. Best $15, other than beer, i ever spent." - William, Happy customer

“The dog hats are killing it for us! Our customers love them and they are a huge success at our events.”

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Multifunctional toys that offer both comfort and distraction can be a godsend for many a frazzled pet parent. That being said, your business may want to consider teaming up with PrideBites to create whimsical can-shaped toys with your branding on them. Find out more about why these make great products or giveaways for pet parents: Dog toys are usually classified into three distinct categories: active or interactive toys, distraction toys, and comfort toys. But unlike other types of toys, PrideBites’ can-shaped toys are multifunctional, belonging to both the distraction and comfort categories. They are stuffed with cotton and come with a squeaker, providing fur babies with hours of uninterrupted fun. Some pets will want to carry them around as a companion toy, while others will prefer to use it during active solo play. Our can-shaped soft toys come in two main sizes: normal and tall. Normal cans are six inches tall and three inches wide, while tall cans are seven inches tall and two and a half inches wide. They are available in a wide variety of pet-safe fabrics and can be endlessly customized to your liking. As with all PrideBites products, our regular turnaround time for these multifunctional toys is between four to six weeks. We also provide a virtual proof of your product with every order, which is absolutely free upon request. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us using the form below to get started on your own line of can-shaped dog toys.

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