Fun Ways To Celebrate National Dog Week

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Fun Ways To Celebrate National Dog Week

National Dog Week is September 20-27 but every pet parent knows that every day and every week IS dog week with their furbaby! 

Celebrating National Dog Week isn’t just about taking your dog on an additional walk or giving her an extra treat or two. National Dog Week is a time to celebrate what your dog means to you. It is also a time to reflect on the ways in which we can improve the lives of dogs – ours and others.

This celebration of dogs was begun in 1928 when World War I canine advocate and veteran Captain William Judy wanted to find a way to recognize the service and loyalty of man’s best friend.

If you want to celebrate this week for dogs who haven’t found forever homes yet you can:

Volunteer: Shelters, even during the coronavirus pandemic, need volunteers. You could walk the dogs. Spend some time just playing with them or petting them. Offer to clean their sleeping areas.

Donate: If you don’t have time to volunteer, ask your local rescue or shelter what they need and consider making a donation. Many shelters will accept donations of food and toys and they will certainly welcome cash donations. You could even donate the adoption fee for a pup to make it easier and more affordable for someone to adopt him.

Help a friend or neighbor. If you are still working from home and if your neighbor or friends have gone back and their dog is home alone, offer to take their dog for a walk or pay a short visit to keep him company.

What can you do with your own dog(s) to celebrate the week?

Get out! Truly, get out of your house BUT go somewhere different for a walk with your dog. He is probably getting bored with walking around your neighborhood. Hop in the car and find a new location to explore.

Speaking of cars… if your dog loves riding in the car, but doesn’t get the opportunity to do it often, take him for a short ride around the block! Make sure he is safely buckled into the car seat.

Bake some treats. Look up some organic, limited ingredient treat recipes and bake some up. Since Fall is officially here, look up pumpkin recipe treats. Pumpkin is a healthy, delicious ingredient for a dog treat.

Give your dog new toys. Dogs get bored with playing with the same toys all the time. Pack away some of their toys and buy them some new ones. Look for toys with squeakers or crinkly toys or a toy that lets your dog give into his urges to chew! Wash the other toys and put them away for a while. In a month or so swap them back out with the new toys – your dog will rediscover them again!

A comfy place to sleep. Dogs love and deserve a comfortable bed, right? Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to sleep that is out of any drafty areas and where she can go to indulge in a deep sleep.

Remember, you are everything to your pup.

Remind him or her just how much they bring to your life by giving them your undivided attention!

How will you celebrate National Dog Day? Tag #pridebites on social media and let us know!