3 Reasons Cause Marketing Should Matter To Your Brand

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3 Reasons Cause Marketing Should Matter To Your Brand

It's been found that many consumers prefer to support businesses that engage in some form of charitable work. One such group of people who consciously vote with their dollars are pet parents. While animal companions may not have the capacity to choose what products or services to use, their owners do. Pet parents are very particular about the kinds of products they’ll get and which specific companies they’ll support.

If your company offers pet merchandise or services, you should be engaging in cause marketing. This holds true even if your company is not directly related to animals -- take breweries or clothing manufacturers, for example.

Why should cause marketing matter?

It’s a Cost-Effective Way to Build Brand Awareness

Using digital marketing to connect with pet parents is an effective strategy, as they are incredibly active online. Reaching out to them on social media can increase your brand’s visibility.

Additionally, supporting a cause as either a sponsor or partner and posting about it online can easily double or triple your exposure to a new community of pet parents. Your brand will get around via word of mouth or consumer-generated content, which means you can spend less on paid ads.

It’s an Effective Way to Build Lasting Relationships

As a business owner, you need to focus on earning and keeping the trust of your customers, investors and partners. Customer loyalty is a major contributor to the long-term success of your business.

That said, one way to do this is to show your company's human side. This is where cause marketing can come in. People tend to gravitate toward businesses that are aware of their influence and use their platform to make the world a better place not just for humans, but for animals as well.

This is especially true with young pet owners who are willing to pay more for pet products if it means they’re supporting a company with good intentions.

It Helps You Plan Socially-Conscious Relevant Events

Most pet parents are happy to attend a walkathon, concert or party if it supports a cause they believe in. Your brand could benefit from organizing fundraising events that directly help animal welfare organizations. By partnering or sponsoring such groups, you can get the word out about the animal welfare group to your current audience, and you’ll garner exposure to their existing supporters.

Plus, there’s nothing like being personable to really build a community. These events are opportunities to meet your customers in person to express your collective passion for animal-focused causes. Pet parents also love to take photos and share their experiences when they are at pet-centric events on social media; this further increases your brand’s exposure online.

With the pet industry continuing to grow, the stage has been set for businesses of all kinds to start supporting animal welfare causes. This is more than a trend, though; it is here to stay as younger consumers continually choose to give their hard-earned money to more ethical companies.

Another great thing about sponsoring an animal-related cause is there is no shortage of them. From big international charities and pet-focused foundations to small local shelters and groups, there will always be an organization that could use your support.

Many large and profitable industries may not appear to have a connection with pets, first glance, but they can do their part in supporting animal welfare in their own ways. One example is in the health and beauty industry, with more brands beginning to offer cruelty-free options. Another example is the fashion industry, where leather and fur products are being replaced with vegan options.

With so many ways to support the rights of animals, you won’t have a hard time finding a cause that you and your company get behind.