4 Reasons Digital Marketing Can Help You Connect With Pet Parents

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4 Reasons Digital Marketing Can Help You Connect With Pet Parents

More and more people are becoming pet parents and pet businesses have the significant advantage of targeting a steady niche online. But that doesn’t mean that non-pet related businesses can’t get a slice of the pie, so to speak. If you’re curious, read on to discover 4 reasons digital marketing can help you connect with pet parents. 

Pet Parents Spend A Lot Of Time Online

In 2020, statistics reports found that at least 4.54 billion people are active Internet users; this comprises more than half of the earth’s entire population. Of these users, 2.05 billion people love to shop online while 3.8 billion people actively use their social media accounts.

Additionally, pet care ranked as the fastest-growing consumer packaged goods category in terms of online sales back in 2016, a 67 percent increase from the previous year. This shows that more consumers are starting to use online channels to buy pet products, such as food, treats, grooming tools and accessories. Some customers are even looking to buy custom pet products to show their love for their favorite brands.

Indeed, the numbers don’t lie. So if you plan to get the attention of pet parents, you need to take advantage of digital marketing strategies.

Pets Are Popular On Social Media

Many owners love posting pictures of their furry friends online, with some of these posts generating tens to thousands of likes and responses. Accounts dedicated to specific pets or breeds tend to amass huge followings, giving rise to the phenomenon of pet influencers.

Considering that pets are a popular subject online, it makes sense for your business to collaborate with their owners to increase your business’s digital presence. For instance, you can work with PrideBites to create customized branded pet merch and ask if their fur babies could be your model. You can even design branded pet-specific products such as dog toys, canine hats and food bowls for them to review.

It Helps You Interact With Pet Parents

One of the key advantages of digital marketing is how it allows you to engage with your target audience. This makes it possible for you to foster relationships with potential customers as well as study their behaviors and desires.

When it comes to pet owners, in particular, they’re far more likely to buy from businesses that they can trust with their fur baby’s wellbeing. To help them grow more comfortable with your brand, you can use your social media posts to emphasize ways in which your business is pet-friendly.

You can even ask them what kind of products they’d like you to develop for their furry friends. The comments section is a treasure trove for suggestions, so make sure to pull ideas from them whenever you can.

It’s More Affordable

If your business has a limited budget, digital marketing is a relatively affordable way to promote your brand. Because of the low cost, the wide audience reach, and the ability to narrow down your target audience, you’re sure to get the best value for money. This can be especially helpful if you’re putting some of your budget toward producing pet-related products.

Additionally, digital marketing leaves less of a carbon footprint. And given that many pet lovers also care about the environment, minimizing printed promotional materials could help them perceive your brand more positively.

Regardless of the product or service you offer, you could stand to earn a significant profit by catering to pet lovers online. Keep this information in mind as you craft your various marketing strategies. Done correctly, you’ll be sure to attract many pet parents to your brand in no time. Contact one of our design professionals today to discuss your pet merch strategy. 



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