Spoil Your Dog With Personalized Pet Toys

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Spoil Your Dog With Personalized Pet Toys

It's almost National Dog Day (Aug. 26) and if you're wondering how you can spoil your pet on this special day, we have ideas! How about giving Fido or Fluffy personalized pet toys? 

Pet parents are willing, able and happy to open their wallets when they know their pooch is going to benefit. In 2019, the American Pet Products Association found "Americans spent $97.5 billion on their pets." It's projected that in 2020, pet parents will spend close to $99 billion! 

If you're like most pet parents you are looking around your house right now to see just how many toys and special items, clothing and beds your pup has, right?

Spoil Your Dog With Personalized Pet Toys

What the shopping numbers mean is that pet parents are buying toys, beds, bowls, dinner bowl mats, bandanas, jackets, a stuffed toy shaped like a beer can and even pup teepee for our beloved pups. Our dogs are considered family members and empty nesters and millennials are doting more upon their dogs than they are on two-legged family members! 

If you want to truly pamper your pet and announce to the world what his or her name is, then you definitely want to pamper your pup with personalized pet toys. 

Where can you get personalized toys for your dog? 

Your favorite brewery. Many breweries and wineries sell branded items and many are also carrying branded pet merch. When your pup wears a hat or bandana or harness with the brewery's name on it you're showing everyone who sees you how cool you are and how cool your dog is to be wearing merchandise from a place you love. Bonus points if the brewery or winery is pet-welcoming! 

Online. There are many places you can go online and buy items from bowls to cups to harnesses and more and have your dog's name emblazoned on it. 

Other businesses. Everywhere you look, businesses that aren't even in the pet industry -- car companies, breweries, dating apps, lighter manufacturers and more know that their customers LOVE their pets. These businesses are making investments in items you can purchase for your pup to help your pup feel special and loved! 

Travel. When you take your dog on a trip, chances are you will put him in a specialized doggie car seat or snap her into a car seat belt harness; look for personalized items for those road trips.

Don't forget to pack a personalized and collapsible water bowl whether on a car trip or a walk in the woods. 

Bottom line on our spoiled pups

How many times have you come home from a shopping trip and your dog is waiting by the door to greet you before he starts nosing through the bags? We know ours certainly do! 

There are not too many pet parents who don't want to put a "smile" on their pup's face and they do that by giving them a gift of a toy or other item. Your dog may not thank you for a new leash or collar, but you will feel great knowing he or she is wearing something brand new! The next time you and your dog are playing with a new personalized dog toy, it is a warm, fuzzy reminder of the bond you and your pet share.