Three Of The Most Popular Customized Pet Products

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Three Of The Most Popular Customized Pet Products

More than half of all households in America own at least one pet. Those who have them are spending a lot on their furry friends. In fact, the American Pet Products Association states Americans spent $97.5 billion on their pets in 2019, with sales projected to hit $99 billion in 2020. We have put together three of the most popular customized pet products your brand may want to invest in! 

Customized pet products are a clever way to tap into an often-overlooked market: pet parents. So whether you own a pet-related business or are simply looking to attract this lucrative niche to your brand, customized pet products can be a worthwhile investment.

If you’re not sure which kinds to invest in here are three of the most popular customized pet products you can start with, from different types of dog toys to harnesses:

Dog Toys

Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes, all while serving different functions. For one thing, they’re a fantastic outlet for your dog’s excess energy. They also keep your furry friend in shape by encouraging physical activity and exercise. Some dog toys even offer an educational element, stimulating the mind and curbing problematic behaviors.

Generally speaking, most dog toys can be categorized according to the following types:

Interactive Toys. These toys require human participation. Balls, flying disks or frisbee-style toys are great for teaching dogs how to fetch. Meanwhile, rope and tug-and-toss toys are ideal for a bit of playful tug-of-war with your pet.

Distraction Toys. Designed to stimulate the minds of very active pups, distraction toys offer hours of fun for dogs. They’re also useful for those days when you just don’t have enough time to play with them. Chew toys that squeak when bitten belong in this category, as do dental chew toys and puzzle toys.

Comfort Toys. Comfort toys (such as pup plushies) are typically used to let dogs work out excess energy. These are also designed to calm your furry friend’s separation anxiety whenever you aren’t around.

Collars and Leashes

The first things pet parents usually buy are collars, leashes and harnesses for their furry companions. Hence, these useful and essential products are another great way to showcase your brand.

When picking which types of collars to produce, you could always go for the standard types such as the flat dog collar and the Martingale collar. These can be made with durable materials such as nylon or leather and can be personalized for your brand.

Because pet parents like to switch up their dog’s collar designs, you could offer a few versions for them to choose from. Whichever kind you choose, you’ll want to add a leash to match, too.


Dog harnesses have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to the collar. This is because they reduce the strain and pressure on a pet’s neck and back. They also offer other benefits depending on the size, age and disposition of the dog.

For example, harnesses are best for puppies who aren’t used to walking on a lead because they’re less likely to get entangled in the leash. Harnesses are also designed to discourage dogs from pulling, offering pet parents better control. Thus, these products are ideal for walking dogs in crowded urban areas or along busy streets.

Doggie clothes and accessories are always a guaranteed hit, as are home and living items such as blankets, beds, food and water bowls and more. Indeed, there are countless other pet products that your business can sell or give away to build your branding. Just keep an eye out for items pet parents will find relevant and their patronage will surely follow.

You can build community and get "word of mouth" advertising from the stylish pup who sports your unique custom pet merch.