5 Types Of Pet Parents (And How To Market To Them)

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5 Types Of Pet Parents (And How To Market To Them)

Pet parents are a diverse audience comprised of people from many different age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds; we love that.

However, marketing to them can be a challenge for this same reason. While they may all be united by their love for their pets and other furry or feathered creatures, taking a blanket approach to the situation simply won’t be very impactful. To make the most out of your marketing budget, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common types of pet parents and how you can most effectively market your brand or business to them:

The Fashionista

The fashionista pet parent is chic and stylish. They’ve got their pulse on the latest fashions and are always on the lookout for the hottest trends. They also love dressing up, taking selfies and posting about their #OOTD (outfit of the day, in case you didn't know!) on social media. Their sharp sartorial sense translates over to their fur babies, whom they love to deck out in cute pet outfits.

These are the customers who would be the first to buy personalized pet products and clothing. They’re likely to splurge on hats, bandanas, bow ties, shoes, hoodies, t-shirts, coats and even full-on costumes for their furry companions.

They’d also be the first to sign their fur babies up for dog fashion shows and photoshoots. Consider putting one of these events together if you want to attract these kinds of pet parents to your brand.

The Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness enthusiast pet parents lead very active lifestyles and love to bring their fur babies along with them as often as they can. These people and their pets can easily be spotted jogging around the neighborhood or playing games such as fetch or tug-of-war at the local park.

Your brand can grab the attention of these sporty individuals by putting your logo on pet toys specifically designed for active play, such as frisbee rope toys or tennis ball toys.

Fitness enthusiasts will also be interested in products like running leashes, which allow them to go for a completely hands-free walk or run with their furry companions. Another way to cater to them is by setting up or sponsoring a dog-friendly event, such as a fun run or a dog show.

The Homebody

Some pet parents love nothing more than staying home to curl up in their beds or on their couches with their fur babies. They prioritize comfort above all else and decorate their home for maximum relaxation.

These pet parents will be drawn to products that will make their furry family members feel cozy too. Put your brand’s name in front of them by expanding your product line to include home and living items such as customized dog blankets, dog pillows, dog beds and dog teepees.

The Outdoorsman

Intrepid pet parents love taking to the great outdoors and bringing their adventurous furry companions along with them. On most weekends, these pup parents can be found hitting the local trails and experiencing the beauty of nature with their faithful hiking buddies.

These outdoorsy types will be drawn to useful pet products that don’t take up too much space in the trunk for the occasional road trip. These include collapsible travel cups, travel bowls and water bottles. You can also entice them with hiking gear specifically designed for dogs, such as dog backpacks, treat pouches, step-in harnesses and reflective vests.

The Suburbanite

These pet parents have left behind the hustle and bustle of the big city to live somewhere quieter, where life moves at a slower pace. They love going to all of the dog-friendly hangouts and getting to know other pet parents. You can cater to these suburban pup parents with practical items such as nylon or martingale collars, customized leashes and car seat belts for their canine companions.

There’s no better time to expand your audience reach by adding pet products to your existing offerings.

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