5 Things To Consider When Creating Customized Pet Products

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5 Things To Consider When Creating Customized Pet Products

If you’ve been thinking of a new offering to expand your existing audience, look into building a community of pet parents. Even if your business isn’t specifically related to pets or animals, offering pet products can help you tap into the segment of your current audience who are comprised of pet lovers.

Doing this for the first time can be overwhelming, so read on for a few things to keep in mind.

The Practicality Of The Product

When deciding what type of products to sell or give away, choose something practical and sensible for pet parents to own. You’ll want to pick options that they will use frequently. Pet bowls, dog blankets, collars, clothing, toys and leashes are examples of items used daily. This is especially important if you own a business that isn’t in the pet or animal industry.

The Flexibility Of The Design

Whether you have a custom illustration or want to use your company name and logo, consider how adaptable your design will be. Should it be colorful and intricate to pack as much detail as possible on bigger items, or should it be monochromatic and minimalistic so it can be used on a wider range of products?

Remember: you’ll need to take note of how much space a given product offers for customization, which will affect the complexity and size of the design that you can put on it. For example, a blanket or harness has the surface area necessary to accommodate large and detailed designs, while smaller items such as collars and leashes only have enough room for simpler decorative elements.

Your Brand’s Color Scheme

Your company colors are distinct branding elements that set you apart from your competitors. It’s a good idea to incorporate them when creating your very own pet product.

That said, you’ll want to choose a base color that won’t clash with your brand’s existing color palette. At the same time, the final product should still look aesthetically pleasing. As a rule of thumb, choose a bright base color if your logo uses neutral colors. If your logo is colorful, then go for muted base colors.

The Intended Business Use For The Product

Before having any pet products customized for your brand, you should determine what you intend to do with them, business-wise. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how to design them appropriately.

For example, if you’re planning on creating something to sell as a permanent product offering, you’ll want to pick designs that won’t become dated. On the other hand, if it’s something you plan on selling for a fundraising event, then you can make them limited-edition items that feature the date, venue and name of the event.

The purpose of the merchandise will also inform what type of product would best suit your needs. For instance, if your company will be participating in a dog walking event, personalized collars and leashes would be more appropriate to give away than blankets.

The Materials Used To Create the Product

The last thing you want is to accidentally cause harm to anyone’s pets because of the products you invested in. When looking for a manufacturer of pet products, do your research first. Choose a company that has a proven track record of using pet-friendly materials. Before giving any manufacturer your business, check out their website and look up customer reviews to determine if they’re a good fit for you. You may end up spending a bit more on better-quality materials, but it’s worth it to ensure no pets are put at risk when using your merchandise.

When it comes to creating a customized pet product to advertise your business, it’s important to pay attention to the details and select a reputable manufacturer to work with. At PrideBites, we’re experts when it comes to designing high-quality merchandise that helps company owners attract the attention of pet parents. To get started, get in touch with our team today!