Pandemic Puppies Benefit From Boom In Pet Products And Gadgets

Pandemic Puppies Benefit From Boom In Pet Products And Gadgets

Many people are preparing to go back to the office after the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines and the easing of lockdown restrictions in many locations. The impending change has spurred pet owners to start preparing their pets for spending time alone in their homes. This has led to increased inquiries for dog sitting and walking services. In addition, many pet owners have also started buying pet gadgets and products that will allow them to care for and watch over their pets at home while they’re still in the office.

It’s been reported that pet adoption rates grew significantly during the lockdown period. Many people acquired pets to keep them company while cooped up at home, and as such, these pandemic puppies are not used to being home alone. Older pets that have been there even before the start of the lockdown have also become accustomed to the presence of their owners. The resumption of pre-COVID-19 work setups will leave dogs and other pets vulnerable to separation anxiety. 

According to Kish Mackin, a licensed veterinary technician and dog trainer based in Fargo, ND, “[people should] start to set aside scheduled alone time for their dogs now so it is not such a dramatic change in schedule when people go back to work.”

In addition to starting their dogs’ independence training, it’s recommended pet owners invest in boredom busters—that is, toys and treats dogs can occupy themselves with.

Pet-related brands that want to catch the attention of owners can make the most of the rising demand for pet products by investing in wholesale dog toys that pups can use with minimal supervision. Your business can also offer custom dog collars to owners who have the opportunity to bring their fur babies to the office with them.

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