How Pet Sitters Can Make Their Business Memorable

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How Pet Sitters Can Make Their Business Memorable

Let's celebrate Professional Pet Sitters. If you’re a pet sitter, how can you make your pet sitting business memorable? What can you do to stay front of mind with your pet sitting clients even if you only sit their pets occasionally? PrideBites makes it easy -- you can invest in yourself and your business by buying branded pet toys. 

Pet sitters need to develop a marketing plan and part of the plan and strategy could include dog toys.

Imagine pet sitting and leaving behind a dog toy or a bandana or a leash and/or collar? Those items are more memorable and will be used regularly and that means you and your name and your business stay front of mind.

If you leave behind a business card, that’s great but will it be put somewhere the pet parent will be able to find it when they need a pet sitter next? Many pet sitters leave business cards behind and, frankly, they are forgotten, or tossed by the pet parent. 

A dog toy, a collapsible travel bowl or frisbee with your logo, phone number and name on it will be a constant reminder of you and that you watched their beloved furbaby. There is no better advertising than a dog playing with something you’ve given him.

How can a pet sitter use branded pet merch to advertise to new clients and stay front-of-mind with current clients? 

1.  Leave a toy when you’ve pet sat or walked the client’s dog. If dog walking is a service you offer, leave a toy with the dog. This is your calling card and it’s more effective than a business card. Consider leaving the toy on the counter so the client can see it and give it to his or her dog. They will probably be impressed with your ingenuity.

2.  When you have your first meet-and-greet with a new, potential client use one of your branded pet toys or other branded items and play with the dog with the toy. It shows you’re prepared to entertain the pup and also is a great leave-behind in case the pet parent is interviewing more than one potential pet sitter or dog walker.

3.  If you’re blanketing an area in search of potential clients, don't leave a flyer or your business card in the door, leave branded pet merch as your calling card. It will be unexpected and could mean the difference between the pet parent calling you for a meet-and-greet or simply tossing your flyer in the trash. 

There are many ways in which to use branded pet merch to market your pet sitting business.

1.  Donate some of your branded pet merch to the local shelter and ask if they want to give away one of the toys or bandana -- or whatever pet merch you invested in -- with each dog who is adopted.

2.  It could be added to the shelter’s “new pet adoption kit” as many shelters do give the adopter a few items to take home with their new pup.

3.  Let the shelter sell some of your branded pet toys or pet merch to raise much-needed funds. They benefit and your pet sitting business gets in front of a new audience. 

How will you use branded pet merch to market your pet sitting business? Have you even considered using branded pet merch? If not, you could just be opening your business up to new clients because you will be the most memorable pet sitter in the neighborhood! 

Contact a PrideBites design consultant and request a free mock-up for your pet sitting business. We create a tailored solution that aligns with your brand goals to bring you increased revenue and customer engagement!

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