How To Celebrate National Puppy Day

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How To  Celebrate National Puppy Day

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to dominate the news and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. At PrideBites, our team is working remotely because we want to keep everyone safe. Whether you’re practicing social distancing, are mandated to be quarantined or are now a remote worker, we have ways you can celebrate National Puppy Day. 

The world may be experiencing disquieting times, but puppies (and dogs) remain the focus of the PrideBites business, but in the lives of the PrideBites team

We’ve put together tips for pet parents who want to celebrate National Puppy Day. We also have a few ideas for business owners looking for ways to incorporate pet merch into their marketing and sales strategy; we know many of our PrideBites customers are also pet parents!  

How To  Celebrate National Puppy Day 

Take time to play. Puppies are boundless bundles of energy. They need to play with toys (stuffed, plush toys are best for puppy teeth). Puppies need frequent visits to the out-of-doors for potty breaks; turn those outdoor visits into a time for the puppy to romp and burn off some energy. 

Take time for cuddles. If your dog or puppy sleeps with you chances are they cuddle right in. We are our puppy’s or dog’s pack member and closeness is part of being in a pack. Stop during the day and give your puppy or dog a belly rub. At the end of the day, cozy up on the couch, cover up in a blanket and enjoy a day well spent. 

Take time for training. Puppies require time and patience to help them become great canine citizens and family companions. Use positive reinforcement when training your puppy or newly adopted dog. Praise the good behavior with a treat or a pat on the head or a “good boy/girl.” Ignore the bad behavior. For instance, if your puppy jumps on you when you walk through the door, ignore that behavior. Don’t look at him and don’t say his name. Once your puppy stops jumping and either sits down or stands calmly by you, offer a treat, a pet and praise. 

Take time to explore. We may be under quarantine or practicing social distancing, but you can still take your puppy or dog for a long walk or run. Teaching your puppy to walk nicely on a leash makes taking a walk more enjoyable than being dragged behind her! Find new places to explore with your puppy. Always keep him on a leash (even if his recall is excellent) because you never know if something will scare him or if there is another off-leash dog who could harm yours. Also, don’t forget to pick up his waste; that’s all part of being a responsible pet parent. If you’re a runner you may want to invest in a hands-free leash; they are ideal for both you and your pup. 

Take time for good health. A puppy will require many visits to the veterinarian during the first year of his life. Keep up with his check-ups, vaccinations and other recommendations from your vet. Starting your puppy off with good health will keep him healthier, longer. 

This National Puppy Day, March 23, is a time to stop and enjoy the puppy or dog with whom you share your life. How will you spend National Puppy Day? Share a comment or photo in our PrideBites Pack Facebook Group. If you’re not a member yet, come join us! 

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