Save A Life: Never Leave Your Pets In A Car

Save A Life: Never Leave Your Pets In A Car

Summer is upon us, and many states are starting to report soaring temperatures. It’s the perfect time to raise awareness against a seemingly harmless practice that can stress out and prove to be fatal to companion animals: leaving pets in hot cars.

Some pet owners have made a habit of taking their pets with them when they go on short errands, leaving the animals inside of the vehicle while they take care of business. Unfortunately, the temperature inside of the car can become higher than the temperature outside, even if the vehicle’s windows are left slightly open. This can cause heat exposure, which is a serious condition that can lead to death. Some places have laws that prohibit pet owners from leaving their companion animals in vehicles. Additionally, pet injuries or deaths due to this practice can lead to being charged with animal abuse or cruelty.

5 tips to keep pets safe this summer

It’s the perfect opportunity for businesses to give you a reminder and information that warns pet owners of the dangers of leaving their fur babies alone in their vehicles, even for a little while. Some organizations have offered five alternatives to leaving dogs in hot cars, including:

  • Leaving the pet with a friend who can look after it for a short time
  • Scheduling a pet walker or sitter while the owner is running an errand
  • Bringing the leashed pet inside of the shop
  • Choosing an outdoor café instead of an enclosed dining area
  • Leaving the dog at home

If your business is pet-friendly, you can take this a step further by providing a hydration station for visiting pups and selling custom collapsible travel cups to pet owners. You may also want to sell or give away branded custom dog bandanas, which dogs can wear to shield them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can even offer a pet-friendly menu and allow pets and their parents to enjoy their dining and shopping experience together.

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