Pet Parents Advised To Include Pets In Evacuation Plans

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Pet Parents Advised To Include Pets In Evacuation Plans

June is National Pet Preparedness Month, making it the perfect time for pet parents to start planning what they would do in case of natural disasters or emergencies. This is especially important with the wildfire season well underway as well as hurricane season in full swing. It seems wildfires are becoming bigger and more dangerous each year. Animal rescue groups, in particular, are reminding pet owners to account for their furry family members when creating their evacuation plans, according to a news report by Danville San Ramon.

Pet parents can start by preparing their fur baby’s carrier, as this is a safe and reliable way of transporting their pets away from the home. Holding an animal in one’s arms while evacuating may only make the pet feel as stressed as their owner. As a result, the pet may lash out at the owner and attempt to escape.

Make plans for your pet if you have to evacuate

Alternatively, experts recommend that pet parents invest in at least two durable and high-quality custom martingale collars or one custom dog harness that they can fasten to their pup. This is because, in times of great stress, pets may become anxious and run off in a panic, getting separated from their owners in the process.

In addition to a pet carrier, leash, or harness, pet parents must pack a basic emergency kit that contains basic supplies such as food, water, custom collapsible travel cups, and medications. It’s also a good idea to include a few comfort items to help calm their pups down. These can include, but are not limited to, personalized puppy blankets, custom plush toys and a comfortable bed.

Lastly, pet parents can start training their fur babies so that they know what to do during an actual evacuation. For people who own a car, getting their dogs used to being in a car as early as now can help normalize the situation to them.

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