Who’s Watching Your Pets When You Go Back To Work?

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Who’s Watching Your Pets When You Go Back To Work?

Over a year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, pets continue to give their owners much-needed companionship during these trying times. With vaccines being rolled out throughout the country, though, it won’t be long until our daily routines will return to normal -- the normal before you started working from home.

That being said, what happens to young puppies who have never gotten used to spending time alone at home? What about older dogs who are now accustomed to the constant presence of their human companions?

Who's caring for your pup?

Generally speaking, dogs should never be left on their own for longer than four hours. Puppies need even more time and attention, as they can only be left alone for about an hour at a time. That said, pet owners who live alone can try several tips and tricks to help relieve a pet’s separation anxiety. They can also purchase items such as food dispensing machines as well as comfort items like custom dog beds and plush toys. But if these products or strategies are not enough, then it may be a good idea to enlist the help of professionals.

If you have a particularly sociable canine companion, signing them up for a dog daycare or boarding facility may be the best course of action. In fact, quite a number of these businesses have opened to cater specifically to people who became pet owners during the pandemic. An example of such a facility is Fergus Pet Camp in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, which offers a DIY dog wash in addition to their pet boarding services. If your pup is the anxious or nervous or nervous type, though, it may be better to hire a dog sitter instead of signing them up for a daycare.

To ensure your pup still gets enough exercise while you’re at work all day, hiring a dog walker may prove to be beneficial. Do note, however, that dog walkers aren’t regulated in the same way that pet daycares and boarding facilities are. Before hiring a dog walker, meet them in person, preferably in a public space, to better gauge if they’re qualified for the job and how your dog reacts to him or her.

Companies looking for sales or marketing avenues may want to consider supplying these types of businesses or self-employed professionals with wholesale pet merchandise. Dog walkers will be happy to promote your business by using branded leashes, martingale collars, and harnesses. Meanwhile, pet sitters and dog daycares will love to receive dog beds, personalized puppy blankets, toy baskets, placemats, custom dog stainless steel bowls, and treats.

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