How Pet Product Sellers Help Pandemic Pets Feel At Home Post-Adoption

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How Pet Product Sellers Help Pandemic Pets Feel At Home Post-Adoption

Many animal shelters and welfare organizations have reported the number of adopted pets skyrocketed because of the lockdowns. Indeed, an astonishing number of people decided to open their homes to a new furred family member who can keep them company while they spend their time working and studying from home.

Having a new family member is a thrilling prospect, but many experienced owners and adopters also know it takes a lot of work to acclimate a dog or cat to their new environment. This means introducing them gradually to existing members of the family (both animals and humans) and making sure they are aware of the rules of the home. Teaching a puppy or a dog where to do their business, for example, is a crucial task during the pup’s first few hours in the house. That said, this training can take a bit of work.

Help new pets feel welcome at home

As such, owners look to pet merchandise sellers to provide them with toys, tools, and other items that will help them make their home a more welcoming place for their newest family members. New dog parents are on the lookout for custom dog beds, custom dog stainless steel bowls, custom dog collars, and custom plush toys. All of these items greatly help in making their fur babies feel right at home the moment they walk through the door.

During the cold season, these customers will need personalized dog blankets and colorful hoodies to keep their dog or canine companion warm and snug despite the weather. Custom collapsible travel cups and car seat belts for pets, on the other hand, will be of much use when the family heads out for a short vacation.

The question is this: is your store or brand ready to provide what these pet parents need? If you’re running a pet merchandise store, do you have enough inventory to meet your new customers’ demands? If you’re a brand that’s keen on making a good impression on owners, do you have branded pet products that customers will find useful? Now is a great time to consider these questions and determine if you need to order a new batch of personalized dog products from a wholesale pet product designer and seller.

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