Inspiring Others with Your Brand: How Dog Bow Ties Helped Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

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Inspiring Others with Your Brand: How Dog Bow Ties Helped Shelter Dogs Find Forever Homes

Numerous shelter dogs and cats are still looking for their forever homes. To help them find the perfect match, many people and organizations have made it their goal to shine a light on the unique needs and personalities of these prospective pets.

For instance, professional photographers are taking endearing pictures of dogs and cats. Designers and printers are making eye-catching adoptable pet fliers. Writers are creating detailed bios of adoptable pets. Even companies are helping in their own way, with some hosting pet-friendly themed events for their communities.

How to help shelter dogs (and cats) find forever homes

Darius Ward is a fourteen-year-old from Newark, New Jersey, who has made more than 1,000 bowties that have helped shelter dogs look dapper in their adoption photos and fliers.

He was driven to help animals find their forever homes after witnessing how communities—including pets—were devastated by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017. At the age of 9, Darius learned how to sew from his older sister and started inspiring others with his handwork.

Your brand can do the same by partnering with animal shelters and investing in custom dog collars, branded pet bowties, custom dog bandanas, and other pet accessories that can bring out the best qualities of adoptable dogs and cats. PrideBites offers a wide range of quality pet products and accessories that can help you promote your brand and the causes that you support.

In addition to providing pet accessories, you can also help shelters highlight the individuality of the dogs and cats under their care by donating stuffed toys that will look great in photos. Alternatively, you can also give your partner organizations tennis ball slings and Frisbee rope toys that will showcase the specific level of activity that each pup requires. This way, every dog or cat can be easily seen by an individual or family that matches their needs.

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