How To Market Your Business To The Pet Community

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How To Market Your Business To The Pet Community

Pet parents spend more than $70 billion a year on their beloved fur-babies. If you want to reach new clients and get your piece of that spending pie, you will want to find unique ways to market the pet merch you've invested in.

In addition to selling pet merchandise on your website, at your brewery, on the shelves of your store or at tradeshows and vendor events, what other ways can you sell to pet parents?

The team at PrideBites has put together a list of resources that you can use and adapt to your business that will help you get your pet merchandise in front of the customers and community you want to reach.

How To Market Your Business To The Pet Community

Host a Yappy Hour. If you run a brewery, hosting a yappy hour makes perfect sense. Invite the pet parents down for a brew and invite them to bring their pups along! Make sure you have some of your branded pet merch front and center:

1. Behind the taps, on display and for sale

2. In a toy basket, the pups at the Yappy Hour can grab and play with while their pet parents enjoy your beverages.

3. Placed throughout the brewery and at the register for that impulse purchase. 

4. Add a few photos of the pet merch you're selling to your menu offerings 

A Grand Opening/Anniversary event. If you run a retail store, sell branded per merchandise at your grand opening event. If you've been open for some time, host an anniversary event. Sell merchandise branded with your logo and that also highlights the grand opening or anniversary event; this makes it a one-of-a-kind dog toy or item of dog clothing. 

Attend a local adoption event. If your local animal shelter is hosting an adoption event, request a booth. Sell branded pet merchandise as a way to help raise funds for the shelter. Pet parents love a business that gives back to the community and who support pet events. 

Donate a raffle basket to a pet-centric fundraiser. Put together a doggie toy basket with your branded pet merch as well as other items a pet parent would love for his or her dog -- blankets, treats, a leash, a collar or harness, water bottle, traveling water bowl and more. NOTE: Many of these items can be branded with your logo and business name. Donating a raffle basket in this way brings a two-fold benefit: 

1. You're supporting a local animal shelter and offering high quality merchandise in the raffle basket. 

2. The branded merchandise you fill the basket with will be played with and enjoyed by the pup. This pet merchandise will also keep you front-of-mind with the pet parent each time the dog enjoys it. 

Pet products as business cards. If you're attending a networking event or a trade show as an attendee, not an exhibitor, hand out branded pet merch as your "business card." Business cards are tossed in a drawer and forgotten (for the most part) after an event, but a plush pet toy will be happily given to the dog of the person with whom you're interacting. 

Pet merchandise will set your company apart from the competition. Businesses ranging from: breweries, auto dealerships, clothing companies, online dating sites, pet food and craft beverage companies can (and should) add branded pet merchandise to its product lines. 

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