Why Your Business Needs To Do A Social Media Audit

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Why Your Business Needs To Do A Social Media Audit

When is the last time you did a "social media audit"? You may be diligent and consistent with posting to social media, but you also need to audit your profile pages and other information to make certain your messaging hasn't changed since you set up the page. 

Do A Social Media Audit 

1. Grab a notebook or a virtual notepad and write down all of the social media platforms your business is on, the URLs and the name you have listed there. 

2. Are the names and URLs for your social media accounts consistent? Sometimes, when you're just starting out you will grab a name and add it to a profile, but later you make changes to your branding, but don't update your social media account name. Do that if necessary. 

3. Make note of the number of followers you currently have. Separate each platform so you can track growth specific to that social media account. 

4. When is the last time you posted to that social media account? Make note of that. If you haven't posted in a while, why not? Is it a platform that doesn't work for you or your brand? Did you simply forget? (It's easy to do) Has your focus shifted from one platform to another? Understanding why you haven't posted will help you determine if you should post. 

5. Are your logos and headers and profile pictures consistent? If not, change that so they match your current branding. 

6. Update your profiles and bios. Make certain they are consistent.

7. Take time to understand your posting strategy. How you post, when you post, what you post. Are you taking time to connect with followers of your pages? Remember social media is about being "social." 

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