How Your Business Can Help Owners Secure Their Pets

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How Your Business Can Help Owners Secure Their Pets

A Boston news crew from 7NEWS unexpectedly rescued a missing dog while interviewing an alleged dognapper. It was reported that Titus, a thirteen-month-old German Short-Haired Pointer, was snatched from a car. Filming at the scene, the news team spotted a 29-year-old man walking with the missing dog and promptly stopped him for an interview.

According to the man, the entire situation was a misunderstanding and he had mistaken the dog for the pet he was supposed to be walking that day. However, the suspect did not make an effort to contact the number that was on the dog collar tag or the police to report what happened. He has been arrested for charges of larceny as well as breaking and entering a vehicle to commit a felony. Titus, the stolen dog, was eventually reunited with his appreciative owner, who praised the news crew for their assistance.

What does this have to do with PrideBites and helping you build community with the pet-lovers who also love your brand? 

Should a pup get lost by accident while enjoying the outdoors, there are a few ways an owner can improve the pet’s chances of being returned. They can buy easily identifiable custom dog collars or pieces of clothing that they can put on their dog.

By selling high-quality and custom pet accessories, your business will make it easier for pet owners to provide onlookers with the distinguishing characteristics of their missing pets, aiding the pet’s quick recovery. Examples of personalized dog products that you can sell include custom branded bandanas, dog T-shirts, and custom dog bowties, to name a few.

At the same time, wearable pet accessories such as personalized dog coats can help owners flaunt their pets’ unique personalities. These garments can also protect them from harsh environmental elements, like excessive heat or cold.

If you're looking for a reliable designer and manufacturer of branded and customized pet merchandise, PrideBites is here to help you every step of the way. Our company has years of experience in helping companies design quality custom dog items that will promote their brands to pet owners. To find out more about what we do, visit our blog today.