Help Pet Parents Protect Their Dogs from the Sun

Help Pet Parents Protect Their Dogs from the Sun

Putting on sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of excessive sunlight and its UVA and UVB rays. But did you know being under the sun for too long can also put pets at risk?

Indeed, many pet parents mistakenly think their fur babies’ coats are enough to keep them safe from prolonged sun exposure. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays are not only potentially dangerous to humans, but are also harmful to dogs, cats and other pets. Pups with thin or light coats, in particular, are at greater risk than those with thick or dark coats. Without ample sun protection, pets can suffer from sunburn and even skin cancer.

That being said, keeping a pet cooped up in the house for days on end may not exactly be the best solution to the problem. After all, pet owners will still need to take their pups out for their daily walks. The good news is that, with the right pet merchandise and a few precautions, pet parents can keep their fur babies safe while enjoying some playtime outdoors.

Do you own a pet-related business or plan to start catering to the pet parents in your existing market? If so, it may be worthwhile to stock up on personalized dog products that can help pet parents shield their pups from the sun’s UV rays. Some examples to add to your product catalog include pet-safe sunscreens, preferably ones that are waterproof and have an SPF of at least 30. To help pet owners cover up their pups, consider selling dog hats, dog bandanas, dog t-shirts, sleeveless pet hoodies, and full-zip pet hoodies, too. Pet parents are willing to spend more if it means keeping their fur babies safe and healthy, and offering these products in your store will make it easier for them to do just that.

For more tips on pet care and ideas on using custom dog items to market to pet parents, check out the PrideBites blog.

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