Former Stray Chosen As Professional Dog Beer Taste Tester

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Former Stray Chosen As Professional Dog Beer Taste Tester

After Ethan, the dog, was found in dire conditions at the Kentucky Humane Society’s parking lot, he served as an inspiration to his community. Now happily adopted by a local family, Ethan has reached another milestone: he’s just been chosen as Busch Beer's new Chief Taste Testing Officer for Dog Brew, according to People.

The job called for a “very good” dog with a refined palate and an outstanding sense of smell—qualities that the resilient Ethan showcased. Now, the dog judges non-alcoholic beer products according to “sniffability, deliciousness, and drool factor.” The job has its perks and privileges, and Ethan is entitled to a salary of $20,000, pet insurance and free Dog Brew.

Getting a dog to serve as a food and beverage company’s brand ambassador is nothing new, but it’s something that continues to make waves among consumers who are pet owners. To reach more pet owners, some companies have expanded their product line to include pet-safe food and beverage products, just like Busch.

Others have commissioned beverage- or food-themed wholesale dog toys and customized pet plushies that they can use as promotional items for their marketing campaigns, such as customizable beer can dog toys. Companies that gave away wine bottle-shaped custom plush toys, for example, allowed pet owners to share a moment with their pets, even though their canine companions can’t exactly consume alcoholic products.

There are apparel brands that have decided to reach out to pet owners by offering wearable custom dog items like dog bandanas and branded T-shirts for canine companions.

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