Why Branded Products Are Ideal Holiday Gifts

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Why Branded Products Are Ideal Holiday Gifts

What do you get for the person who has everything OR, more likely, the person whom you don’t know well BUT you want to give a holiday gift to? Why not invest in your business, build your brand AND give your vendors, employees and others whose paths you cross this holiday season a dog-centric product emblazoned with your brand? 

Branded products are ideal holiday gifts because: 

  1. They show you have put thought into the item you’re giving. It’s a much more personal gift than a gift card. 
  2. They show you are invested in your brand and that you understand the benefit of high-quality products as a way to show appreciation to vendors and employees.
  3. You either understand or want to reach, a new pet-centric community of customers or clients 

Why Branded Products Are Ideal Holiday Gifts 

“It’s the thought that counts,” is a phrase uttered by a recipient when you give them a thoughtful item at the holidays. When you are giving branded merchandise in the form of a dog collar, harness, a dog teepee (yes that is a unique item we offer), bandanas, jackets, toys or an item in the shape of your logo or your logo on a dog plush toy you truly are putting thought into the gift. 

How many times have you given, or received, a branded t-shirt, baseball hat, mouse pad, coffee mug or pen and tossed it in a drawer? We know! We’ve been there! BUT when we have given, or received, an item we can give to our beloved dog -- well, that brand has scored our loyalty and their name is front and center every time we play with our dog with the toy or put the collar and/or leash on him when we go for a walk. 

Follow the lead of brands like Subaru and Tito’s who, as you know, are not brands focused on pets but who know that their ideal client and their ideal community is one who loves dogs and dog-related causes. 

Whether you’re a car company, a clothing company, a brewery, Subway, Bumble, sports franchise, Zippo lighter company or Buc-ee’s putting your brand on a dog-centric product and using that as a gift for your employees, vendors or other potential dog-loving audience you are building your brand and gaining entree into the lucrative pet market. 

Contact us today to get a free mock-up of your brand on a dog product and get the item in production so you get it in time for the holiday season. 

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