PrideBites Brand Feature: Subaru 

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PrideBites Brand Feature: Subaru 

PrideBites and its team members are pet lovers of the highest order. The team brings its dogs to work and the dogs try on new products to assess fit and style. PrideBites works with other pet-loving brands to help them realize the dream of attracting more pet-loving customers and building their own pet-loving community. 

This month we feature pet-loving brand, Subaru with whom we have worked to develop dog-centric products for their pet-loving community. 

PrideBites Brand Feature: Subaru 

PrideBites was founded on a love of dogs by founders Sean Knecht and Steven Blustein. “We wanted to work with companies and organizations who understand the role that dogs play in our lives,” they said. 

Working with Subaru, a company with a commitment to pets and dog rescue, is a project we were thrilled to have been involved in, they both said. 

The PrideBites team will be “participating” in Subaru’s October 22 #MakeADogsDay campaign by showing off photos of our team members’ dogs -- many of whom come into the office every day. “We will be sharing social media updates and helping spread the message that Subaru is sharing on #MakeADogsDay.” 

Subaru has designated October as Subaru Loves Pets Month and has specifically designated October 22 as the first-ever National Make A Dog’s Day (#makeadogsday). The company has an eleven-year partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and has provided close to $25 million to support the “health, rescue, transport and adoption of more than 57,000 animals.” 

On October 22, the car company that bills itself as having a lifetime commitment to loving pets has initiated another way to make a difference in the life of a dog. National Make A Dog’s Day is a nationwide effort to help shelter dogs find loving homes; the day is focusing on shelter dogs with special needs. You can see some of these special needs dogs on Subaru’s Make A Dog’s Day page. 

On October 22, Subaru dealerships are inviting dog lovers to something special for their own dogs and to consider adopting a  special needs dog. 

PrideBites connects brands to dog owners in a way that forges an amazing emotional connection and converts customers to loyal followers.  PrideBites’ turnkey solution helps you differentiate yourself from your competition in a way that your followers won’t stop talking about.

For information on branded and promotional products for your business, contact PrideBites today and corner your market on the share of consumer dollars spent on pets by pet parents.