Seven Ways To Market Your Business On A Budget

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Seven Ways To Market Your Business On A Budget

Before you know it, 2020 will be upon us. Is your business ready to usher in a new year? How is your business faring in this, the last quarter of 2019? We know there is a tendency to cut back on marketing spend when sales fail to meet their mark. As a long-term marketing strategy, that is a decision that could potentially put a halt to any forward momentum you’ve been making. Why? 

You may be slowing your marketing spend, but if your competition isn’t they will pull ahead while you remain where you were. Don’t be short-sighted when it comes to your marketing strategy. You and your business just need to have a solid marketing plan in place and assure yourselves that you’re spending your marketing dollars in the most strategic way possible. 

Seven Ways To Market Your Business On A Budget

If this is the time of year you sit down with your marketing and sales team and put together a marketing budget for the remainder of the year and to kick off the first quarter of 2020, we have some ideas on how you can market your business on a budget. 

Jumpstart your marketing for 2020 or end the year strong with these marketing ideas.

1. Use social media to your business’s advantage. You can post, comment and build relationships on social media for free (other than the cost of your marketing manager). Yes, your business might reach more potential customers if you invest in ads, but you don’t have to. If ad spends are in your budget, target your demographics wisely and spend slowly.

2. Send an email. This tip assumes you have an email list for your business. If you don’t, we urge you to start building a list. The names you “own” are valuable real estate for your business. If a social media platform goes away, all of your followers go with it! Always build your business connections and contacts on the ground you own. Your email list is gold!

3. Run a giveaway. If you just aren’t bringing in new clients, maybe it’s because they don’t “know, like or trust” you and your business enough to buy what you’re selling. Host a giveaway or contest. Offer a “free trial” or a “buy-one-get-one” offer. We don’t recommend being the lowest price business in town, but a giveaway or offer might raise awareness of who you are and what you do and might bring more customers in the door (virtual or brick and mortar)

4. Reach out to current customers and offer a referral incentive. If your current customers love what you’re doing for them, and they are willing to tell their friends, family and colleagues about you -- offer a referral incentive.

5. Partner with another business. Whether you’re a brick and mortar or an online business, you can partner with a similar or different business that has a synergy and pool your resources. Determine what the partnership looks like, announce it on social and in your newsletter and tag the partner. You will both benefit because you will get your business name in front of an entirely new audience. 

6. Host an event or rent a table or booth at a local event. If you’re at an event, be personable, host a giveaway there as a way to get contact information in exchange for a chance at the prize you’re giving away. Visibility at an event is a great way to heighten awareness of your business. As a giveaway item, consider an item that appeals to the pet parent. Yes, you could give away a prize pack that has a t-shirt or a coffee mug or mouse pad. Will those items get used? Perhaps. But, what if you thought outside of the box and had your giveaway item(s) appeal to a pet parent? If you give away a uniquely branded dog toy, collar or even a beer can toy the person receiving it will feel an affinity with you, and for your brand because you’re appealing to his or her love of a dog.  

7. Volunteer. Do you, or someone on your team, have an area of expertise that lends itself to volunteering? For example, if you are a marketing and social media manager, volunteer your services for the local shelter. If you volunteer or serve on a board for a non-profit your business name may get mentioned and you can reach a new audience. If you volunteer or serve on a board, send a press release to your local news outlet -- again, this is another way to build awareness of you and your business. 

What plans do you have in place to end the year strong? How will you jump right into 2020? Don’t let yourself slide into the coming months because you’re in the “it’s the holidays” mindset! 

What have you found to be an effective marketing strategy? We’d love to know! Share in the comments or on our Facebook page. 

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