PrideBites: Not Your Typical Pet Promotional Product Company

Product Review

PrideBites: Not Your Typical Pet Promotional Product Company

With countless opportunities and channels to make your company stand out, remember that the pet industry is your golden ticket. PrideBites is not your typical pet promotional product company. Why? We are the only company that specializes in facilitating other companies in the expansion of their brand by engaging their dog loving customers. We are a channel that will allow other companies to reach a new audience.

Promotional items provide the highest impact to audiences and are the most cost effective advertising forum. A PPAI study found that among 3 different generations: Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers, promotional products were the best form of advertisement compared to TV advertisements, online search engines and social media, and magazines. In fact, 41% of promotional products are kept on average of 1-5 years and 22% are kept between 6 and 10 years. This PPAI study supports the claim that promotional products effectively boost a brand’s reach across its audience.

Unlike commercials, which reach their audiences for merely seconds or a few minutes, promotional items have a strong staying power. PrideBites prides itself on producing products of invaluable quality and material. With the pressure of high consumer standards and the drive to expand a company’s brand to reach pet patrons, PrideBites delivers!

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