Canine Companions In Movie Theaters

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Canine Companions In Movie Theaters

With each new year, we see a notable growth in the pet industry in the United States. More and more, people are traveling with their pets and taking them along while they run errands or go out to eat at restaurants. With this surge in the pet industry, there is a paralleled surge for the need for more pet friendly spaces in our communities. Not only has the professional workforce, shops, and schools become more pet friendly, but so have unconventional places, like the movie theatre!  

The perfect combination of dogs and movies is now a reality at K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas! You can now enjoy a movie with your favorite furry friend by your side. K9 cinemas has three basic rules to follow. The first is that you must clean up after your pet. Second, you have to provide the papers from your vet upon each pet’s first visit to the theatre. And third, each person can have a maximum of two dogs at the theatre with them.

Pet friendly spaces are growing in popularity mainly because they spark curiosity and invoke a welcoming community for our pets!  K9 cinemas stands out among others in the movie industry because it is taking the ordinary movie theatre experience to the next level by welcoming in dogs. More professionals should start to consider including dogs and all pets into their businesses because they are a great sense of support and comfort to customers. Lastly, If being a pet friendly space did not lure you enough to K9 Cinemas, each ticket also includes free, unlimited wine!

Photo Credit: Dog Theater