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The Diverse Market Of Pet Parents

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The Diverse Market Of Pet Parents

Pet parents incorporate people of all demographics, making them an extremely lucrative market to target. One common thread between a lot of pet parents is that they are also homeowners. Not only are pet parents homeowners, but they typically come from higher income households. The average pet owner has a $73,000 annual income. The higher income allows this demographic to spend more of their paychecks on their pets, rather than just paying bills. Pet parents also typically have advanced college degrees, which makes them an intelligent, stable market.



Pet parents come from a wide variety of generations. 7% of pet parents are from the Silent Generation, which is made of people from 1927-1945. The biggest chunk of the pet parent demographic is Baby Boomers. These Baby Boomers (1946-1960) make up 47% of all pet parents. The next largest segment comes from Generation X (1961-1980). Generation X is 28% of this diverse market. The last segment featured is Millennials, which are the people born between the years of 1981-1995. Millennials make up 18% of this market. Because pet parents are made up of a wide variety of ages, targeting pet parents lets you reach many more people than you would have if you just targeted one specific generation.

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