Perfect Corporate Gifts for Dog Lovers

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Perfect Corporate Gifts for Dog Lovers

Nothing could be better than your own dog getting in on the cool company swag your business produces. And let’s not forget: the emotional connection between pets and their owners is invaluable, so decking your dog out with custom clothes and toys will not only be adorable, but also beneficial to advertising your business.

At PrideBites, we understand that when choosing to design products for your company, it is imperative that they are consistent and reflective with your company’s brand identity. One of the most effective ways to be successful in this aspect of business is to build an emotional connection. No emotional connection beats that of one between a dog and a human.

In fact, a study that was published in the Journal of Science Advances found that not only do dogs retain their affinity for humans throughout their entire lives, but humans actually have more love and empathy for dogs than they do for their fellow humans. What better way to celebrate this connection than to link your work life and your pet life!

Here are our favorite customizable gifts you can share with your dog:

1. 3D Plush Dog Toys

Send us any logo, image, icon, or idea and we can turn our 3D dog toys into the perfect, playful advertisement for your company.


2. Nylon Leash

Rep your company morning, noon, and night when you take your favorite four-legged friend out on a walk.


3. Frisbee Dog Toy

Take your dog outside to the park or beach and throw this durable, customizable frisbee that’s easy to catch and fun to throw.


4. Travel Bowl

With a waterproof liner, take this travel bowl with you and your dog wherever you go. It is both lightweight and collapsible - perfect ‘take your dog to work’ day!


5. Hoodies

While you’re handing out custom hoodies to your employees as winter rolls around, remember to throw in a matching custom hoodie all the dogs! They are machine washable and amazing for both indoors and outdoor use.


6. Bandana

Tie a custom bandana around your pup while they’re strutting their good looks after being groomed.


7. Beds

Gift a dog bed with your company’s logo on it! These beds are perfect for any size dog (3 bed sizes available) because they are machine washable and have a non-slip rubber bottom.


8. Toy baskets

Just like we like to have our desk at work organized, keep the house organized with a custom toy basket that folds flat for easy travel and storage.

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