How to Throw Office Dog Parties

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How to Throw Office Dog Parties

Nothing beats dogs in the workplace, right? With these four simple steps, show your office dogs love and make it fun with a perfectly themed office dog party!

1. Give away pet items designed for you brand! 

PrideBites can help you craft the perfect party favor for your office dog party! Whether it is a custom toy with your company’s logo or even a picture of your dog on it, a bandana, or a travel water bowl, and even more, PrideBites can make your dog party dream become a reality!

2. Set up a fun activity, like a pet friendly photo booth!

Pictures or it didn’t happen. A photo booth acts as both a fun activity and a great party favor. Set up a photo booth with a backdrop, party hats, balloons, PrideBites dog toys, and punny catch phrases! 

3. Can’t have a party without food. Human and Pet friendly food! 


While you’re enjoying snacks, wine, and good-ol’ human food, make your party food dog friendly. Order PrideBites custom dog treat bags or give yourself a pat on the back and make this DIY dog cake

4. Make it meaningful

Encourage your coworkers to bring their dogs to your office dog party. The more the merrier! And for those who don’t have a furry friend of their own (yet), make it a meaningful party and invite a local adoption center to your party. Hopefully this will lead to new dog-human relationships and even more office dog parties!