Thriving Doggie Daycares Cater To Pandemic Pet Owners

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Thriving Doggie Daycares Cater To Pandemic Pet Owners

As dog owners prepare to go back to their post-pandemic activities, many pet daycares are seeing a surge of customers. Scott Jones, who owns a Dogtopia franchise location in Stamford, CT, notes in an interview with the Stamford Advocate how pet parents have been flocking to businesses like his. His customers include dog parents going on vacation as well as people going back to work. 

With dog owners adjusting to their new lives after the pandemic outbreak, so do their pups to being left alone at home. These pups have become overly attached to their owners and, as a result, aren’t used to spending long hours without any company. Without their usual playmates or regular walks, active dogs also have no means of releasing their pent-up energy.

This can cause them to develop erratic and sometimes destructive behavior. To prevent their dogs from tearing up their couches or chewing on their shoes, dog owners depend on dog walkers, sitters, doggie daycares and pet boarding services to look after their fur babies for them.

Thriving Doggie Daycares Present Opportunities for Catering to Pandemic Pet Owners

The sudden spike in demand for these services didn’t happen overnight. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak last year, many people started to work from home instead of reporting to their offices. A large number of individuals had a hard time adjusting to the lockdowns and needed a furry companion to fill their days. This resulted in a sharp increase in pet adoptions and sales throughout 2020. As early as May 2020, a lot of kennels and shelters ran out of pups to put up for adoption, with more people still waiting for an opportunity to take a canine friend home.

This pandemic puppy boom has positively affected a large number of businesses in the pet care industry. According to the American Pet Products Association, these businesses saw a seven percent rise in product sales in 2021 compared to 2019.

In Connecticut alone, pet boarding and daycares have become completely booked due to the surge in holiday travel, especially during the fourth of July weekend. The same can be said for veterinary clinics across the state, with many dog owners needing to endure long wait times in the interest of keeping their pups healthy.

These promising numbers can pave the way for great opportunities for businesses catering to pet parents. With more people becoming dog owners, the demand for pet products is also increasing. That said, dog lovers are now looking for more than just essential pet merchandise, such as nylon dog collars, running leashes, and chest harnesses. These days, they’re also searching for custom dog items such as personalized dog blankets, custom dog stainless steel bowls, and custom dog bandanas, among others.

If you are the owner of a pet-related business, there’s no better time to expand your existing product line to address these owners’ wants and needs. Should you own a business that isn’t necessarily pet-related, you can still take advantage of this pandemic puppy boom and enter the pet industry in other ways.

As an example, beauty brands can collaborate with pet grooming salons and release an exclusive line of shampoos and soaps specially formulated for dogs, and then strike a deal with doggie daycares and boarding services. A food brand, on the other hand, can come up with special dog food or treats. They can then partner with doggie daycares by providing them with a regular supply of these tasty offerings.

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