The Best Beer Inspired Dog Toys

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The Best Beer Inspired Dog Toys

Football season, crisp autumn days and beer inspired toys for your dog! Those are three items that every dog lover, pet parent and football fan enjoy, right?! When you and your family and friends are settling in to watch your favorite football teams take to the gridiron what will your dog be doing? He should be playing with one of the best beer inspired dog toys you can find for him! 

If you’re a business owner who’s looking for a way to connect with pet parents and keep your business front-of-mind, how can you do that? How can your business compete with football, friends and playing fetch? PrideBites can connect your brand with dog owners and your brand doesn’t have to be one that a customer would typically relate to being beer-centric! 

The Best Beer Inspired Dog Toys

Whether you’re a new pet store (like Petco), an adult beverage brand (like Tito’s Handmade Vodka), a car company (like Subaru) or a sports franchise (like the Houston Astros) you can spend your company’s marketing dollars on a uniquely-branded item that your customers will love. How many times in the past has your company invested branding dollars in t-shirts, baseball hats, coffee mugs, mousepads or pens? Is the clothing being worn? Are the coffee mugs shoved to the back of the cupboard? Are you even sure if the mousepad or pens are being used? You really have no way of knowing, right? 

If you want to speak to your customers and if you know your customers are pet parents (and demographics weigh out that they most likely are!) invest your marketing dollars into an item your pet-loving customer will want, value and use -- a toy for their dog! 

Your brand may also be looking for ways to break into a new market and expand its customer base. Branching out into the pet-centric market just might be the wisest direction to take. 

Does your brand welcome pets into the office? Are the principals in the company and many of the staff pet parents? If that’s the case, capitalize on the booming pet market and grab your share of those marketing dollars: Invest in branded, customizable beer-inspired dog toys. 

What are some of our favorite beer-inspired dog toys and items? 

1. Plush dog toy beer cans your business brand on a can-shaped toy

2. Bandanas

3. Dog toys in the shape of your unique product 

4. A slice of pizza (what goes better with beer than pizza?)

5. If you are running a brewery or a microbrewery what better way to keep the name of your beer and/or brewery in front of your potential customers and turn them into return customers than to have their dog play with a plush beer can toy inspired by your brand and customized with your logo? 

Dog-centric branded products are not just for pet shops or groomers or veterinarians. Any brand or store that wants to build loyalty and a community with its customers by giving a product that connects with them emotionally is one that is more likely to see repeat business from those pet-loving people. 

PrideBites connects brands to dog owners in a way that forges an amazing emotional connection and converts customers to loyal followers.  PrideBites’ turnkey solution helps you differentiate yourself from your competition in a way that your followers won’t stop talking about.