Branded Merchandise As A Business Marketing Strategy

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Branded Merchandise As A Business Marketing Strategy

If your brand has a marketing strategy, where do branded products factor in? If your spending money on t-shirts, coasters, baseball hats or pens and coffee mugs for your human customers how much are you spending? What do you think the ROI (return on your investment) might be? Do you believe the customer is wearing your merchandise, drinking out of your mug or using your coasters in their home or business? 

In many cases, this type of merchandise gets stuffed in a drawer or a cupboard and is rarely used or thought about. Your customers may love your brand, but they may not want to wear a t-shirt that shouts out their love all the time; in fact, how frequently do you wear the same t-shirt? Does this have you worrying about whether your business is spending its marketing dollars wisely?

Invest In Branded Merchandise As Part Of Your Business Marketing Strategy

What kind of branded merchandise should your business be investing in? What merchandise will be used and enjoyed more often than an article of clothing or a pen? Dog-centric merchandise. Many of your loyal customers may also be pet parents and they love to gift their beloved furry companions with items. Offer them a branded dog toy, collar, bandana, dog bed or leash and they will use it on their dog, play with it with their dog and their dog becomes a walking billboard for your company. 

Here are ways in which to use branded pet merchandise as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Branded dog-centric products help build your community of loyal brand followers and connect you with the pet-loving demographics in your audience. Pet parents will part with their cash and buy merchandise that connects with them emotionally and merchandise and brands that cater to their beloved fur-babies are more highly sought after.  

Look for a partner for the branded pet products who understand not only the pet market but brand strategy. When searching for that partner investigate pricing, the amount of customization you’re entitled to, what the minimum order will cost and whether they have a designer on staff to help realize your branded product vision. 

When you work with PrideBites and invest in branded company merchandise you can rest assured that your business is spending its marketing dollars wisely. The branded pet-centric merchandise will be products your customers will be thrilled to use and to give to their dogs. 

As an example of branded merchandise 

We partnered with Doggie Style Pets and created unique toys, dog collars and leashes, many of them with a Philadelphia theme. City-themed designs included: Philly cheese steaks, pretzels, Rocky and the Liberty Bell.  

Look at your business plan and your marketing strategy and find ways in which you can invest in branded merchandise that your dog-loving customers will want to receive and will use regularly! 

PrideBites connects brands to dog owners in a way that forges an amazing emotional connection and converts customers to loyal followers.  PrideBites’ turnkey solution helps you differentiate yourself from your competition in a way that your followers won’t stop talking about.

For information on branded and promotional products for your business, contact PrideBites.