How To Uniquely Market Your Store Opening

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How To Uniquely Market Your Store Opening

The shelves are stocked. The staff is trained. The ribbons and banners are hung. Social media and local media have been abuzz about your store opening. The hard work has been done, right? Maybe not all of it. 

Whether you’re opening a pet store, a clothing store or any other type of brick and mortar business you want to make it memorable, unique and a place shoppers will want to frequent. Getting the store full of potential customers at the grand opening is sometimes much easier than getting those customers to come back again and again -- and that is what you need to keep the lights on and the doors open. 

If you’re opening a travel or outdoor type store, consider giving away dog travel  bowls imprinted with your business name and logo. A retail clothing shop owner could invest in branded bandanas or “fancy” leashes and collars. A bakery or other food-centric retail shop could invest in branded treat storage containers for the pet parents who attend the store opening. 

How To Uniquely Market Your Store Opening 

Go beyond typical grand opening gifts. 

Yes, coupons are ideal and may lure a customer back in, but if they’re just coming in to shop because you are the lowest price game in town, will your business remain viable? 

Offer branded products that speak to your customers. Give away dog toys. A well-made dog toy that features your store’s logo, colors and tagline will be an item your customers will use even after they know you are a business who values what they value -- their beloved furbabies! Branded products, given to those who visit your grand opening, may just bring them back time and time again. 

Consider these ways of marketing the store opening after they've gone home.

When you give away a branded pen or coffee mug, that item will end up at the bottom of a drawer or in a cupboard. A dog toy will be given to the customer’s pet and will be used and seen frequently. 

1. Give away dog collars and leashes. Work with PrideBites and have your logo or business name imprinted on a collar and/or leash and use these as giveaways at the store opening. This, too, is an item the pet parent will appreciate and use regularly.

2. Consider coupons or check-in discounts. We can’t completely toss the benefits of coupons and social media check-ins as viable options for some shoppers. Millennials will most likely check-in when they come to visit your shop and if they do that, offer them a discount or a free-with-purchase item or other incentives. Printed or emailed links to coupons may bring a customer back in and he or she could potentially use the coupon and buy other items while they’re there. 

Dog-centric branded products are not just for pet shops or groomers or veterinarians. Any brand or store that wants to build loyalty and a community with its customers by giving a product that connects with them emotionally is one that is more likely to see repeat business from those pet-loving people. 

PrideBites connects brands to dog owners in a way that forges an amazing emotional connection and converts customers to loyal followers.  PrideBites’ turnkey solution helps you differentiate yourself from your competition in a way that your followers won’t stop talking about.

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