How to Keep Dogs Safe from Wildfire Smoke

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How to Keep Dogs Safe from Wildfire Smoke

Many areas throughout the United States are currently experiencing poor air quality due to wildfire activity. While some may be more worried about the flames rather than the fumes, the dangers of breathing in wildfire smoke should not be taken lightly. Should one inhale these fine particles, it can cause a slew of respiratory problems and make existing medical conditions worse.

What some people may not know is that wildfire smoke can also pose harm to their furry friends. In fact, prolonged exposure to such smoky conditions can cause dogs to feel too hot and dehydrated.

Keep Pets Safe From Wildfire Smoke

Overweight pups are also at higher risks of experiencing health issues due to poor air quality, according to veterinarian Justin Dahl, owner of Happy Tails Animal Hospital, in an interview with Fox21. Additionally, wildfire smoke can aggravate the symptoms of dogs with pre-existing health issues, such as heart or respiratory diseases.

What can pet owners do to protect their fur babies from harm during these times?

Experts advise pet parents to keep their pets indoors, preferably in a cool, shaded area. To ensure that their pups stay hydrated and fed, pet owners should provide their pups with custom dog stainless steel bowls that are refilled with water and food throughout the day. For canine companions that tend to run off whenever the front or back door is open, pet parents can keep them in place with sturdy custom dog collars and leashes.

Veterinary experts also recommend that pet owners limit their pups’ physical exercise during this period. If they must bring their dogs out for whatever reason, it’s best that they not stay outdoors for too long. 

Pet owners will also want to keep an eye on the length of their dogs’ playtime sessions, whether indoors or outdoors. Pups aren’t typically aware of whether they’re overdoing it, and prolonged physical activity may make it more difficult for them to breathe.

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